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But does the coach really matter that much?

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But does the coach really matter that much?

In the aftermath ofyet another change on the bench (Bigica replaced Dionisi at Sassuolo) of this Serie A season, we question how important this figure is and really is worth. And the only thing that speaks for itself is the pitch and the results.

Inzaghi top, has Sarri lost his compass?

The top can only be Simone Inzaghi. Because behind the strength and the now increasingly solitary ride towards the Inter tricolor there can only be him too, with his work and his mark. After two seasons of ups and downs, peppered with many trophies and a Champions League final, the former former Lazio coach seems to have finally found the right fit, both in terms of tactical disposition and relationship with the dressing room. In fact, this year the Nerazzurri seem to be a compact, united group aiming for a single objective: take back the championship. However, without forgetting the European path, where the Milanese can undoubtedly have their say.

The Super Cup was Inter’s first trophy of the season: will there be others?

But there is also the other side of the coin. The thoughts of many will go to Max Allegri, too often at the center of controversy and criticism. Yet the Tuscan is doing an excellent job this year, having allowed the Bianconeri to dream of a coup. In short, his tenacity and character were an integral part of Juve. which, however, seems to have been lost due to a psychological backlash, which he certainly did not suffer, given the anger he shows from the bench. In reality he seems to be the antithesis of Inzaghi more than anything else Maurizio Sarri. Lazio is a bad copy of the one admired last year and Mau himself seems to have lost his bearings and is in total confusion. A situation that led him to be in the crosshairs of the fans, but even of president Lotito, who accused him of always finding alibis. In short, a grotesque situation that smacks of an inevitable breakup. Even if that 4 million a year contract…

Maurizio Sarri seems to have lost his Lazio

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Motta and Nicola, that’s how it’s done!

But if we talk about coaches in this championship, other names cannot help but come to mind. Beyond Gasperini, capable of confirming himself in an Atalanta that is changing its skin, the thought cannot help but go to Thiago Motta. The Bologna coach is literally making the people of Bologna fly, giving play, personality, character and allowing many individuals to show off. And then the former midfielder has that itch and tactical intelligence of someone who already thinks big and wants to reach the top. A little different discussion for Nicola, who is performing a real miracle. The good Davide caught Empoli in a complicated situation and pulled them out of the quicksand, literally transforming the Tuscan eleven. And still there are those who underestimate it…

Deserving a final mention is the doyen of this Serie A, that is Claudio Ranieri. He himself said he wanted to resign after Cagliari’s defeat against Lazio. However, it was the players who opposed it, a symptom of unity, esteem and affection. Signs that perhaps, in today’s football, are not so obvious.

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