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BVB: Court ruling – Dortmund’s ex-professional Schulz has to pay 150,000 euros

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BVB: Court ruling – Dortmund’s ex-professional Schulz has to pay 150,000 euros

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Nico Schulz (left) speaks with his lawyer Andreas Thiel in the courtroom of the district court

Source: dpa/Bernd Thissen

Kicks in the stomach, punches, insults, according to the prosecutor. There were serious allegations made by his former partner against former BVB defensive player Nico Schulz. The court will still stop the proceedings against a monetary requirement.

Nico Schulz has to comply with a fine of 150,000 euros within three months – then the proceedings against the ex-national player for dangerous bodily harm to his former partner will be finally stopped. The Dortmund district court decided on Wednesday that the 30-year-old must transfer 30,000 euros each to the organization “Women Helping Women”, the German Cancer Aid, the “Kinderlachen” association, the Weißer Ring Victim Protection Association and the Löwenzahn children’s hospice service.

Schulz, whose contract with Borussia Dortmund was terminated in July 2023, was accused of “physically abusing and harming” his ex-partner in three cases.

The public prosecutor’s office charged the following cases on Wednesday. On January 14, 2020, the now 30-year-old is said to have kicked her in the stomach with his shoed foot, pushed her against a door, pulled her hair and thrown her against a mirror. On March 21, 2020, as she was coming out of the shower in her Berlin apartment, Schulz is said to have pulled down her towel, kicked her in the stomach, choked her and hit her twice. On August 30, 2020, when the woman was now pregnant by Schulz, he is said to have insulted her as a “whore” and an “ugly person”. He is said to have taken a key from her and thrown it on the floor. “Bend over, you bitch,” he is said to have said. The woman then took refuge in the shell of a shisha bar. Schulz is also said to have spat on her.

The woman then filed a criminal complaint. In December 2023, the Dortmund public prosecutor brought charges.

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Schulz’s ex-partner makes use of her right to refuse to testify

However, at the hearing on Wednesday, at which both Schulz and his former partner were present, neither gave any information about the incidents. Schulz had his lawyer Thomas Thiel explain that there had been “regrettable misconduct” on his part, but that the argument “did not take place in this way.”

His ex-partner informed her through her lawyer that she could potentially make herself a criminal offense if she repeated the allegations in this form. Therefore, she would exercise her right to refuse to testify.

In addition, an out-of-court settlement between the perpetrator and the victim has already taken place. Schulz paid the woman an undisclosed amount of damages.

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Since, in the court’s opinion, legal peace had been established and the allegations – such as that of grievous bodily harm – could hardly be proven, the court decided to temporarily discontinue the matter against a condition. If Schulz pays a total of 150,000 euros to the social institutions within three months, the proceedings will be finally stopped.

Schulz would therefore not have a criminal record. The judge said that the fact that the footballer had suffered disadvantages because of the reporting on the allegations was also taken into account in the decision.

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