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ByteDance officially launches the official mobile game for the Tokyo Olympic Games-IT and Sports

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In 11 days, the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, which has been postponed for one year, will officially kick off. In May of this year, the brand new mobile game “Sonic at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics” officially authorized by the Japanese game manufacturer “Sega” was officially announced and released. Confirm domestic introduction. today,“Sonic at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games” operated by ByteDance’s subsidiary Beijing Chaoxi Lightyear Information Technology Co., Ltd. will be launched in major application markets one after another, and is currently available in the Apple Store.


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As the only officially authorized mobile game for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, “Sonic at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics” incorporates a variety of popular Olympic events while retaining the original flavor of Sonic.

According to reports,The game covers 15 popular Olympic events such as 400-meter hurdles, 100-meters, shot put, fencing, rock climbing, and archery.

For each type of event, dozens of different levels of difficulty are set up, allowing players to fully appreciate the fun of the game while feeling the charm of the Olympics.

It is worth mentioning that this is also the first time an Olympic game produced by Sega has been released on a mobile platform.

In addition, because it is operated by the agency of ByteDance, it is aimed at domestic players,There are also customized Douyin friends rankings in the game.

In terms of content, “Sonic at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics” has set up a new independent plot. As the plot develops, players will experience more than 200 game levels and unlock 7 game maps.

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The map includes famous Tokyo locations such as Asakusa, Shinjuku, and Shibuya. Sonic can move freely in the seven unlocked areas, visit the real sights of Tokyo, and conduct competitions at the same time.

It is worth noting thatAs the new crown epidemic in Tokyo has not yet been completely eliminated, most of the Olympic Games will be held empty.

According to media reports, in order to invigorate the atmosphere, Japan may adopt some new measures, such as arranging dancing robots in the stands, placing banners with audience portraits, and broadcasting the expressions of audiences watching the game.


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