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Cagliari anxious about today’s tampons

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Mazzarri still does not know how many players he will be able to count on. Nandez in doubt for a blow, Ceppitelli in half service

CAGLIARI. The formation of Cagliari for the match against Fiorentina will be decided by the buffers. Mazzarri still doesn’t know who he can count on. The technician hopes that some of the virus positives will negativize so that you have more options. Some hope for Luca Ceppitelli who worked partially with the group yesterday, but he won’t be at his best. But Nandez added to the list of doubtful players, who had a personalized session for a bruise on his right leg. Only today will it be understood if the Uruguayan will be able to play. A situation that to define complicated is an understatement on the eve of a very delicate match. The list of absentees is endless and the helmsman does not know which saint to turn to to ensure that the emergency ends.

Numbered men. At present, the rossoblù coach will necessarily have to draw almost fully from the Primavera, where there are, among other things, six positives. “Nowadays there are some problems every day,” said the Livorno coach after the Coppa Italia match against Sassuolo. The certainty is that Cagliari is in a sea of ​​troubles for the position in the standings, but also to put in place a training adequate to the importance of the commitment. All this against an opponent, Fiorentina, who can count on all the owners and comes from the goal scored against Genoa. In short, the conditions are not the best, but Cagliari has already shown that they know how to make a virtue of necessity.

The market. Baselli was expected today in Sardinia for medical examinations. But at this point the operation will be completed next week. There would be a loan agreement between the Quattro Mori and Torino. The redemption obligation should be triggered in the event of salvation. Unless the young Francesco Zallu, 18, who has made 10 appearances and a goal for the Primavera this season, is included in the negotiation. It seems to be a profile that the grenade observers have reported to the technician Juric. Njegos Petrovic, 22, halfback, Serbian passport, is ready to sign for Cagliari. Loan with redemption right for an operation of almost two million euros with the Red Star. If the OK arrives, he will sign a four-year contract.

The referee. Aureliano will direct the race scheduled for tomorrow at Unipol Domus at 12.30. There are five matches of the rossoblùs directed by the whistle of Bologna, with 4 wins for Cagliari and only one defeat. Only one precedent for Fiorentina, that of last April against Sassuolo.

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