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Cagliari apathetic and decimated by injuries overwhelmed in Florence: 3-0

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Fiorentina’s 2-0 goal scored by Nico Gonzalez

A penalty seen only by the Var paves the way for the viola who then leave no chance for the rossoblùs. Caceres and Nandez are also injured while Strootman forfeits shortly before the game

FLORENCE. Cagliari comes out with broken bones from the trip to Florence, overwhelmed by the viola in dazzling form. Few excuses for Mazzarri’s team: a penalty, at 18 ‘, at least doubtful that kicked off the Fiorentina party and the long series of injuries. In fact, the rossoblù coach had already had to do without Godin and Oliva, injured on Saturday, and today also in Strootman. To complete the negative picture, the exit of Caceres after 20 minutes of the match against Gigliati and that of Nandez in the 25th minute of the second half. But what worries, in any case, is the team, unable to react in times of difficulty. All three days before the home match against Roma, which promises to be highly complicated.

Yet the start of the match had been discreet, with Cagliari able to keep its center of gravity high and ready to respond to the purple initiatives. Mazzarri had chosen the 4-4-2 again to oppose Fiorentina. At 15 ‘, however, the first ring of Fiorentina with Martinez Quarta who pulled out after a good assist in the area. At 18 ‘came the dubious episode of the penalty granted for a handball by Keita that no one had seen, not even the viola who had absolutely not protested for this episode. The Var, however, warned the referee who assigned the shot from 11 meters. Vlahovic gave up the transformation, leaving it to Biraghi who did not fail at 21 ‘.

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Immediately after the exit due to injury of Caceres with the entry of Bellanova who was placed on the midfield line on the right with the retreat in the defensive line of Zappa. But Cagliari did little or nothing, conceding repeated dangerous actions to their opponents, gassed by the advantage and quality of their players, in particular Saponara absolutely inspired. Saponara also hit a post with a right-footed shot in the 37th minute and then, launched by Vlahovic, needed the 2-0 assist to Nico Gonzales, setting the seal at a first half in which Cagliari, for its part, had been able to worry little or nothing the opponent’s goal.

The game ended in the archive as early as 4 ‘of the second half with a sumptuous free-kick from Vlaovic who left Cragno no chance. Vlaovic himself, shortly afterwards, touched on poker always on free kick. At 25 ‘Nandez’s exit due to a muscle injury and debut in Serie A for the Slovak Adam Obert, talented youngster of the Primavera, born in 2002. Previously Pavoletti, Pereiro and Grassi had already entered, also to let someone from the 11 catch their breath party in anticipation of Wednesday’s match against Roma at the Sardegna Arena.

FIORENTINA (4-3-3): Terracciano, Venuti, Milenkovic, Martinez Quarta, Biraghi (22 ‘st Terzic), Bonaventura (37’ st Duncan), Torreira (37 ‘st Amrabat), Maleh (22’ st Castrovilli), Gonzalez, Vlahovic, Saponara (29 ‘st Callejon). (25 Rosati, 55 Nastasic, 98 Igor, 29 Odriozola, 24 Benassi, 67 Munteanu, 42 Bianco). All. Italian

CAGLIARI (4-4-2): Cragno, Caceres (24 ‘pt Bellanova), Ceppitelli, Carboni, Lykogiannis, Zappa (13’ st Pereiro), Marin, Deiola (13 ‘st Grassi), Nandez (26’ st Obert) , Joao Pedro, Keita (13 ‘st Pavoletti). (1 Aresti, 31 Radunovic, 15 Altar, 17 Farias). Herds Mazzarri

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Referee: Rapuano from Rimini

Goals: in pt 21 ‘Biraghi (rig.), 42’ Gonzalez; in 4 ‘Vlahovic st

Note. Corners 4-1 for Fiorentina Recovery: 2 ‘, 3’ Notes: Keita is booked for unregulated play, Marin for foul play. Corners 4-1 for Fiorentina Recovery: 2 ‘and 3’ Spectators: 20,290, collection 340,066 euros.


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