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Cagliari is now on the right path

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Cagliari is now on the right path
Dalbert, Petagna and Lovato in action in Monday’s race

Twelve points in seven races and improvements in the game and personality. Mazzarri: “Salvation depends on us”

SENT TO CAGLIARI. On the one hand, the disappointment for not having won the victory. On the other hand, the satisfaction of having put a big player in the championship on the ropes. Cagliari have a divided heart but the awareness that if they play like the other night, salvation is an achievable goal. Mazzarri has changed the face of the team. He gave it an identity, transformed it in terms of character, increased the self-esteem of individuals and of the group. With Napoli, the rossoblù have long had a passion for the game. But there is another aspect to take into consideration: even after unblocking the game, the rossoblùs continued to play looking for the double. They did not close in defense of the advantage. A little over a month ago this would not have happened. The sign that a lot has changed in the frightened team, surrounded by a halo of fear.

Mister collected. «The boys believe in what we do – the words of Walter Mazzarri -, they are aware of their own means. They relied on me and my staff, they follow us and work a lot. With a little luck, which has helped us little so far, we could have had five or six points more in the standings ». Words that photograph the reality of a team that in the seven games played so far in the second round has collected 12 points, compared to 10 combined in the first leg. A decisive change of pace necessary to reach a salvation that only two months ago seems very far away.

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Metamorphosis. It is beyond question that the arrivals of Lovato and Goldaniga have given solidity to the defense. But if Cagliari suffers less now, the merit goes to the overall work that the team does. The pressing cost for the whole game, the lanes are exploited more, there is more movement without the ball and above all in attack no reference points are given, favoring the insertions in the spaces of the midfielders.

Growth. Grassi and Deiola have made great strides on the physical and personality level, Baselli has inserted himself in record time in the patterns he already knew a little. Three players who know how to do the two phases of the game. The first two guarantee a lot of quantity, the former grenade also adds a pinch of quality. Which doesn’t hurt. And when Nandez returns (perhaps as early as next Sunday in Turin), Mr. Mazzarri will have more arrows in his bow and the ability to rotate the men. “We must continue on this path,” said Grassi at the end of the match against Napoli. Holy words.

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