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Cagliari, new comeback: Bologna beaten 2-1

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Pavoletti rejoices after the 1-1

Orsolini takes the Bolognese players ahead, then Pavoletti and super Pereiro in the 93rd minute /

CAGLIARI. Pereiro man of providence. A year ago he set the tone for the fundamental victory for salvation against Parma. This time he scored the 2-1 of an extraordinary comeback against Bologna, who took the lead at the start of the second half with Orsolini but then overturned by the goals of Pavoletti and the Uruguayan.

The breaking latest news of the first half opens with a shot from Deiola, at 11 ‘: a conclusion from the edge which, however, ends high on the crossbar. The action of the 14th minute is much more dangerous: cross from the right and against cross by Lykogiannis on which Bellanova pounces who hits the post to the right of the Bologna goalkeeper with his right. The replica of Bologna arrives in the 24th minute with a great shot by Theate deflected for a corner by Cragno. At 29 ‘it was Grassi’s turn to engage the Bolognese goalkeeper Skorupski with an angled, albeit weak, shot.

In the second half on 7 ‘Joao Pedro tries a shot from outside the box after receiving the ball from Pavoletti, but his aim is inaccurate. A minute after the cold shower: Orsolini’s punishment crosses the barrier and mockery Cragno started late. Cagliari reacts angrily, collects a couple of corners at 24 ‘Marin tries from distance but sends out. Rossoblù assaulted and supported in their offensive action by the entrance of Pereiro for Deiola and by Dalbert on the left for Lykogiannis.

Pereiro himself in the 26th minute throws a loose ball back towards the center that Pavoletti bags by signing the 1-1 and his fourth goal of the season (all foot!). Unipol Domus trembles at 31 ‘, Cragno delays the exit but redeems himself on the poisonous low shot by Orsolini who slaps in the corner. At 33 ‘Pavoletti is injured and Mazzarri chooses to insert Zappa and move Pereiro second striker alongside Joao Pedro.

Cagliari pushes again and at 42 ‘the good ball happens to Grassi who from the edge in half overturned does not frame the goal. At 93 ‘the twist: ball from Joao Pedro to Gaston Pereiro who signs the incredible 2-1 with his left foot. Three heavy points that are added to the three of 6 days ago in Genoa. The dream of salvation continues.

Cagliari (3-5-2): Cragno, Altare, Lovato, Carboni; Bellanova, Deiola (18 ‘st Pereiro), Grassi, Marin, Lykogiannis (13’ st Dalbert), Pavoletti (35 ‘st Zappa) Joao Pedro. (1 Aresti, 31 Radunovic, 33 Obert, 35 Ladinetti, 19 Gagliano). Herds Mazzarri.

Bologna (3-4-2-1) Skorupskj, Bonifazi (20 ‘st De Silvestri) Binks, Theate; Skov Olsen, Dominguez (48 ‘st Viola) Svanberg, Dijks; Orsolini (43 ‘st Falcinelli) Soriano; Arnautovic. (22 Bardi, 23 Bagnolini, 31 Stivanello, Pyyhtia, 74 Cangiano, 44 ​​Pagliuca, 20 Van Hooijdonk) All. Mihajlovic.


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