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Cagliari, Quagliozzi and the fan in the photo at the stadium: meet again after 40 years

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Quagliozzi, Gallus and the fan Vacca during the delivery of the jersey

At the Rossoblù Museum the meeting between the two and the delivery of the player’s shirt by the director of the exhibition Simone Gallus

QUARTU. A photo at Sant’Elia: Quagliozzi embraced by Azzali, the Cagliari players celebrating the winning goal against Genoa scored by the young Ravot on April 25, 1982. In the background, in the stands, the fans scream madly with joy. And among these there is a man with an imposing black bum, happy shouting for that goal that arrived at the last minute which means salvation for the Cagliari team.

From that photo Simone Gallus, the inventor of the rossoblù museum located in Quartu in via Diaz number 77, came up with a small competition like “Carramba what a surprise”: to give a name to that super fan. A desire that also had Roberto Quagliozzi, half-winger who marked an era between the 70s and 80s in Cagliari: to find that fan seen and reviewed in that photo.

Quagliozzi and in the background the photo depicting the fan identified after 40 years

Gallus succeeded in the enterprise simply with a post on the facebook profile of the Rossoblu Museum: we look for the fan in the photo. If we find him, we will give him a red and blue shirt signed by Quagliozzi. The post, like a rumble among the fans, walked the web until it found the right person, the daughter of that fan who, seeing this story, exclaimed: but that’s my father! “.

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The man in question is called Mario Vacca. At the time of the photo he was 32 years old and a lot of enthusiasm. A cheer for the rossoblù colors that has remained intact now that he is 72 years old, and is retired after a life spent working as a warehouse worker. Accompanied by his daughter and a grandson, he finally met Quagliozzi, then 30 and now close to 70 (he will turn them in January).

A very exciting moment, both for the rossoblù player who is still in the top ten for appearances in Cagliari, and for Mario Vacca. The rossoblù shirt was signed by Quagliozzi and given to the fan.

Roberto Quagliozzi and Mario Vacca joke during the ceremony at the Rossoblu Museum

The rossoblù champion repeated it to those present during the small ceremony: “I was always struck by the enthusiasm of this fan and those who were close to him. For me, who lived those moments, in a Cagliari of great value, I am indelible memories “. Mario Vacca will now hang the shirt donated by his favorite at home. Ironically, the two live very close to each other, in the Sant’Elia area of ​​Cagliari. But they had to wait 40 years to meet


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