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Cagliari remains to watch

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The match against Bologna has been postponed to Tuesday. The Tar Emilia rejects the appeal of the LegaA

CAGLIARI. In the end, League A had to raise the white flag. The match between Cagliari and Bologna, which should have been played today (14.30) at Unipol Domus, will not be played. The decision of the Emilia Romagna TAR which rejected the appeal presented by the League against the decision to quarantine the Bolognese players, cut the bull’s head. The Bologna players have not yet received the third dose of the vaccine, for this reason the health companies can order the quarantine. Today Mihajlovic’s team will swab and if the outcome is negative, they will be able to return to training in a group. Will Cagliari show up at the stadium anyway? Perhaps. There will therefore be no victories at the table: the race will be recovered on Tuesday at 20.45.

Thrust. The victory obtained on the day of the Epiphany in Genoa against Sampdoria was more than a breath of fresh air. It had the effect of a defibrillator, reviving a formation that had more than one foot in hell. Three golden points that make the future look less black but don’t forget that the road to maintaining the category is not only long, but full of traps and obstacles. The rossoblùs will not be able to take advantage of the wave of enthusiasm caused by the away exploit, but they will also have advantages. In the meantime, for the match against Roma, scheduled for next Sunday at the Olimpico, some market operations may be completed and the chances of recovering both Nandez and Ceppitelli are very high.

Work. “If we don’t play, we will use these days to improve and correct the defects,” Mazzarri said Thursday in the “belly” of the Ferraris stadium. The Cagliari coach knows that in the match with Sampdoria there were not only joys, but there were also mistakes that on this occasion, as often happened during the season, were not paid at a high price. The indications are comforting. Marin has shown he can take the team by the hand, Grassi is making progress, Deiola remains an indomitable fighter and Pavoletti’s return to scoring is hopefully the beginning of a fertile cycle of matches to try and get himself out of trouble. If until yesterday the team had Bologna in mind, today they will watch the match of Rome against Juventus, to begin to enter the atmosphere of the challenge to come.

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