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Cagliari, so you go straight to Serie B.

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First victory? Keita Baldè deceives the rossoblùs then nothing until the draw in the 92nd minute of Venice

SENT TO CAGLIARI. There is a thick curtain of ice between Cagliari and victory. Mazzarri “armed” his people and ordered that the wall be demolished. The rossoblù have received the message, aware of not being able to give another disappointment to their fans, even yesterday in large numbers despite a complicated start to the championship. Unipol Domus sounded the charge to the team, encouraged it, encouraged it but in the end the first victory of the season did not come. An unfortunate detour by Caceres on Busio’s conclusion in the recovery made the dream of having broken the spell vanish. Winning was the only medicine to heal a group that yesterday showed signs of recovery, but is still recovering, frightened. Those who go nit-picking will say that there was Venice, an affordable opponent, but they didn’t win yesterday either. In reality, for Cagliari there are no easy opponents and beating the lagoons was not at all obvious. It would have been three platinum points to arrive at the stop more relaxed and allow the coach to further deepen his knowledge of the group, even if he will not have the national teams available. Instead, there will still be days of tension and recriminations for what could have been and for the moment, unfortunately for the Sardinians, it was not.

Choices and tensions. Ceppitelli is also knocked out. Mazzarri returns to 3-5-2 and in defense he lines up the players he has left. Carboni, fresh off the call with the Under 21 team, is back as owner. For the rest, the formation is the same as the one sent on the field in Naples. Once again Keita Baldè is preferred to Pavoletti, relegated to the bench and certainly not in a good mood. Joao Pedro is untouchable. Nandez’s prosecutor undermined the eve by making statements on his client, assuring that he will leave in January, perhaps towards Naples. “Giulini told Nahitan that he will let him leave at a lower price than the 36 million clause.” Words that perhaps did not take such a delicate phase and it is difficult to believe that the president could have gone so far. Venezia responds with 4-4-2. Orekeke in the center of the attack, the other striker is Aramu, with Johnsen on the right.

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Prize. It is immediately clear that Cagliari wants to take home the victory. He throws himself forward with his head down, too eagerly and often ends up messing around. The pressing is uncoordinated, so much so that the Venice comes out in speed obtaining important spaces to sink. But the rossoblù are determined, they conquer the ball at the edge of the area and organize a lethal restart that Keita realizes. The race starts downhill even if Mazzarri invites his team to keep up the pace and not give the field to the opponents. The island team raises the level of pressing but now they do it in a more rational way and for the Venetians the circulation of the ball becomes less fluid. Zanetti moves Johnsen to the left and Aramu to the right, the idea is to give more depth to the maneuver. The post denies Marin the 2-0 goal.

Zanetti changes. Henry and Crnigoj on the field in place of Okereke Kiyine. Venezia goes to 4-2-3-1. Mazzarri does not touch the car that did well in the first fraction. The lagoons push, the rossoblùs have some amnesia, they take risks and the coach makes himself heard from the bench. The home team chooses to wait and restart at speed, the transitions that have always been the workhorse of the Livorno coach. Zappa and Pavoletti are Mazzarri’s fresh forces. We move to the back four, Nandez moves to the left.

Mockery. S materializes in the recovery, when Musio passes Cragno helped by a detour from Caceres and an incredible distraction from Altare. A missed victory that makes Cagliari stay closer to hell than to purgatory.

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