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Cagliari, the statue of Carlo Felice rossoblù for salvation

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Carlo Felice dressed in red and blue (photo Mario Rosas)

At dawn the representatives of the Cagliari club dressed the effigy of the Savoyard sovereign, as a 60-year tradition dictates

ROME. Dressing of the 1800 statue dedicated to the Savoy king Carlo Felice in Cagliari, in the center of the city, to celebrate his stay in Serie A. The operation, on the initiative of the Cagliari club coordination center, took place this morning 23 May: a red and blue tunic was put on and a flag of the four Moors was placed in the right hand. On his head also a headdress with the company colors. A crane was used to do this

It is a tradition that has been repeated for almost 60 years to celebrate promotions (the first time dates back to 1964) and suffered salvation like the one obtained this season. The most important party of course was that of 1970 on the occasion of the Scudetto conquest.

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