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Cai Xuetong wins silver at World Cup in snowboard U-shaped field

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Original title: Cai Xuetong snowboard U-shaped venue World Cup silver

In the FIS Snowboard U-Curve World Cup U-shaped World Cup Mammoth Mountain competition that ended on the 8th, Chinese player Cai Xuetong won the runner-up of the World Cup with his performance in the second round of the final, and teammate Qiu Leng won the eighth place.

In the preliminaries of this station, Cai Xuetong ranked first with 86.80 points and advanced to the finals. In the finals, she did not perform well in the first round, scoring only 18.40 points, but she slipped out of the second round with a score of 86.80 points and finally ranked No. 1 two. This is her second time on the podium after winning the World Cup at the Copper Mountain Station in the United States.

Another Chinese player, Qiu Leng, entered the final in seventh place. In the final, he ranked eighth by virtue of his performance in the first round. Among the ten players in the final, there are six Japanese players. Shina Tomita, who ranked second in the qualifying round, slid 89.40 points to win the championship and her first World Cup championship. Her teammate Tomita Sena ranked third with 84.60 points. .

There will be three stops in the 2022 FIS Snowboard U-shaped World Cup. After two stops, Cai Xuetong, Tomita Sena and Tomita Sena will rank the top three respectively. The third race will be held in Laax, Switzerland from January 13th.

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