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Cairo: “This time I agree with Lotito: football needs support”

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Cairo: “This time I agree with Lotito: football needs support”

The president of Torino speaks of the amendments for the installment of tax debts and for the extension of the duration of television contracts: “Ours is a world that has been experiencing difficulties for some time”

“Given that as many know I often happen to disagree with Lotito, this time we think in the same way”. This is how Urbano Cairo, president of Torino and RCS, comments on the amendments presented in Parliament to support football. “The situation – he explains to Ansa – is there for all to see: ours is a world that has been experiencing difficulties for some time, greatly aggravated in recent years by the pandemic. Of course, mistakes have been made, but management errors are also made in other sectors of society, which also receive substantial aid from the state: I am thinking of the tax credit for cinema, for example (an incentive which, moreover, excludes TV stations such as La 7 which employ 500 people with their broadcasts and whose employment would protected like that of the cinema where the minister of culture Franceschini took the problems of the sector very much to heart, managing to obtain support)”.

Even in Spain

But in Cairo it is important to reiterate that aid to football is a sacrosanct discourse. “The discourse of tax installments for companies, which is not non-repayable like tax credits but a simple extension, makes sense, among other things, also as a support to a sector that contributes largely to the maintenance of other sports As for the idea of ​​amending the Melandri law and extending the duration of TV rights from three to five years, it is certainly not an assist to one TV station or another. Any person of common sense understands that it is a sacrosanct opportunity to those who invest to obtain a profit thanks to the continuity of the project. And consequently it allows those who sell to obtain more. It seems to me elementary to understand, and if I’m not mistaken it also works abroad. In Spain, for example, where rights TV make good use of them, the years of duration are precisely five and six for the international ones”.

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