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Calciomercato Napoli: Simeone is nearby, Raspadori, Navas

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Calciomercato Napoli: Simeone is nearby, Raspadori, Navas

Made for Cholito, Raspadori details. Ndombele (Tottenham) in midfield

The streets of Napoli and Giovanni Simeone will not meet on Monday, August 15th, when the match between Hellas Verona and the Azzurri will be staged at the Bentegodi. However, they could meet sooner, in the next few hours, because the negotiation of the transfer of the Argentine center forward to Spalletti’s court is about to be concluded and the player could already have medical examinations tomorrow. Thus ends a market soap opera that has been going on for days now.

Simeone has long been out of Cioffi’s plans for club choice, Verona has never taken him into consideration even for the friendlies against amateurs and has decided not to change policy even now that the championship is starting, especially in consideration of the fact that Naples arrives in mid-August in Veneto and is about to take the Argentine home. Of course, for the Scala attack there will be one less weapon that can be exploited against Kim and his teammates, but all in all in the market period this type of situation can happen and consequently Cioffi will have to make a virtue of necessity, while Spalletti will not be able yet. to have Simeone as the first alternative to Osimhen and in the end – with Petagna now at Monza – he will make his debut in the league with only Ounas as a forward on the bench (Politano is out due to injury). Therefore, Simeone absent hurts on one side, but also on the other.

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The agreement is now there and is about to be formalized: a total of about 15 million will go to Verona between an onerous loan (3 million) and the right of redemption which will become an obligation upon the fulfillment of certain conditions, linked to the performance of Simeone with Napoli, and the goals achieved by the Azzurri. On this aspect De Laurentiis has shown some hesitation but the table is set in all respects also because – as mentioned – Spalletti needs a reserve from Osimhen and does not consider the hypothesis of staying only with the Nigerian and with Raspadori. “False nine”, given that last year, without having to play the Champions League, he still had three central strikers, also considering Mertens. Certainly the coach does not intend to arrive “short” there in front of the starting line this season. So, no jokes otherwise Lucianone will get angry and not a little.

Also because Napoli has its own times to conclude the incoming operations, and this Spalletti knows and accepts it, but then the club must arrive at checkers as it usually does and reinforce a team that today lacks at least three elements (Simeone included) waiting to know the fate of Fabian Ruiz (always headed to the PSG for 25 million). In addition to Cholito, in fact, Giuntoli chases Raspadori and a goalkeeper but precisely he will not be able to ignore another half if the Spaniard will go away. As for Raspadori, Giacomino is just two million away from Maradona, but with the addition of a whole series of bonuses which the parties continue to discuss.

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Goalkeeper and defender

Fixed the attack, Napoli will focus on the goalkeeper and the midfield. For the role of number one Navas has forcefully entered the Italians’ crosshairs and ds Giuntoli is on a mission to Paris for the Fabian Ruiz-Navas operation, while Ndombele of Tottenham should be the replacement for Ruiz in the median (meeting the agents). Both the PSG goalkeeper and the Spurs midfielder earn a blunder (9 million net Navas, 8 million net Ndombele) and both will have to work on this aspect. For Navas there is the hypothesis of a severance pay from the French side, with Napoli called to a biennial for the Costa Rican.

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