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Caldeck’s naturalization is unlikely to hinder naturalization

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Original title: Caldec’s naturalization is unlikely to hinder naturalization

On January 9th, Beijing time, the Chinese Football Association recently announced the latest national football squad. The list of up to 52 people has sparked heated discussions in domestic football.

The football newspaper wrote an article to analyze the list of the national football team. The article stated that the focus on league performance, the league’s high-profile players should get the chance to be selected is the idea of ​​coach Li Xiaopeng’s selection this time. Many newcomers on the list were selected for the first time, such as Hou Sen (33 years old), Wang Zhifeng (25 years old), Wei Zhen (25 years old), Yan Dinghao (24 years old), Gao Tianyi (24 years old), Dai Weijun (23 years old) , Liu Ruofan (23 years old), Jiang Shenglong (22 years old), Han Jiaqi (22 years old), Wu Shaocong (22 years old), etc., and many former international players have returned, such as Zhao Honglue, Xie Pengfei, Shi Ke, Tan Long, etc. Because of their outstanding performance in the league, they were eventually selected by Li Xiaopeng.

The selection of the young player Dai Weijun on the list has also won praise from the fans. Before he was selected for the national football team, his voice was high. However, the football newspaper stated that Dai Weijun is currently not qualified to play for the Chinese national team. He has obtained the qualification to settle in the Mainland and settled in Shenzhen. The football club has a collective account in Longgang District, but his membership has not yet been transferred. He can only be a domestic player and does not have the qualifications to represent the national football. This time he was selected for the national team, Li Xiaopeng hopes to better examine him, because in the future, his qualifications are not a big problem.

The football newspaper also revealed the progress of Caldek’s naturalization. The article said that naturalization has encountered great obstacles, and the possibility of successful naturalization is relatively small.

In addition, Beijing Youth Daily reporter Xiao Zun revealed on his personal social platform that the Football Association has applied for visas for all international football players. Both newcomers and seniors have the opportunity to compete in the top 12. Xiao Zhe wrote: “Li Lei, Wu Lei and the three naturalized players who returned to Brazil were not able to participate in the training sessions of the National Football Team during their stay in Shanghai. All the remaining players will also have to compete for less than 30 away places in the top 12 matches. Of course, both the elderly and the newcomers are each other’s “spare training” and have the opportunity to participate in the remaining matches of the top 12. It is not difficult to judge from the fact that the Football Association applies visa procedures to all team members.” (DD)Return to Sohu to see more


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