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Calori confides in Pordenone: “You can still save yourself, but drive away the fears”

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The former Udinese captain touched the comeback on the Trapani bench. “The psychological aspect weighs: you need a mix of anger and lightheartedness”

Alessandro Calori, former Udinese captain, current Lazio Primavera coach, in the 2016-2017 season came close to an incredible salvation with Trapani in Serie B. He took over the team on 3 December 2016 from another former Udinese, Serse Cosmi: he played a excellent second round – 31 points – but relegated to Lega Pro.

However he lifted a team that had 11 points, gave them a precise identity, play and character. What is currently missing at Pordenone, last among the cadets with only one draw after seven races. “But the neroverdi have more time, they can do it,” he says.

Calori, what can a coach do in such a moment?

«I state that I do not know the situation and it does not seem correct to give advice to other professionals. I can tell what I did when I got in the running to try and resolve the situation. I worked on several aspects. First of all on the anger of the players, who had and had to pull out to get out of such a difficult period. But I also tried to convey to them lightheartedness: it helps to free the group from fears ».

You have to affect psychologically, not just tactically, right?

«Of course, the work to be carried out is profound. We need to find certainties that have been lost. You have to involve the players, you have to make them understand that it is a challenge. He has to convince them to follow a certain path. If you can hit the right strings, you can get to where you didn’t even dare to imagine a few months before ».

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Easier said than done.

“It’s a complicated mission. We must not look for culprits: somehow there must be a shock and we must start again. It is still early, then. I arrived in Trapani in December and we came very close to salvation. Pordenone can still get back into the race, they have a margin on which to work to shorten the distance from those in front of them ».

That Trapani, however, underwent a substantial facelift with the January market.

«We changed a lot, very motivated players arrived and eager to relaunch. From the C series, among others, Maracchi, a former neroverde, who I had followed at Feralpi Salò was hired. He scored three goals. We then focused on Jallow, Barillà, Casasola. The first went to Cesena, the second to Parma, the third I reinvented him sideways (and last season he was promoted to Serie A with Salernitana, ed). Together we managed to put in place a beautiful run-up, raising the whole environment ».

Pordenone has morale under the heels. With Vicenza, down 2-0, he was able to recover up to 2-2. With the game’s inertia on his side, however, he conceded the third and fourth goals.

«It can happen in situations like this, that you get a short arm. The fear of winning can take you ».

At the break she resumes with the challenge with Ternana, a team that she trained for a short period in the Serie C 2019 tournament won by the neroverdi.

«I was convinced by the Umbrian president Bandelli to accept the post. I bet on Pobega, I immediately made him play. At the end of the season he went to Pordenone. It is growing gradually: from the green lizards it passed to La Spezia, then to Turin and it stands, it has no repercussions. The future is on his side, for me he can reach the national team ».

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