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Came, a tennis Kappa does not go straight to Nocera

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Third defeat out of three matches played in this first part of the championship for the team of Mr. Rocha who however showed quality of play and character that had not been seen in the previous two games. Captain Belsito, a real driver and also a goal scorer, tried in every way to bring home the full result, and he almost succeeded until the 13th minute of the second half. The first half had started well with several scoring chances going on goal with Dener in the 7th minute only to be joined by Petrov on play. A few seconds from the end of the first half on a corner kick scheme, Suton releases an assist for Belsito who throws the net for the advantage and his third personal goal in the league. The second half always sees Belsito author of shots on goal from afar but they are the hosts with Patias who at 8 ‘go on the net for a draw. The Came, never defeated, took the lead again with Juan Fran in the 9 ‘but Patias again in the 13th minute equalized the score. The Biancocelesti try to keep up with the raids of the hosts but make the mistake of discovering that they go on the net three more times with Bocca and Salas twice. On Tuesday the Came returns to the field hosting Italservice Pesaro at 8.45pm. –

Marino Silvestri

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