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Can Dalian Overcome Shanghai Shenhua and Climb Out of Relegation Zone?

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Can Dalian Overcome Shanghai Shenhua and Climb Out of Relegation Zone?

Dalian Natives Face Crucial Match against Shanghai Shenhua in Relegation Battle

The Chinese Super League is well into its 19th round, and the situation is becoming increasingly tense for the bottom-ranked Dalian team. With only 11 rounds left in the league, every game is a make-or-break battle for the relegation-threatened teams. Despite being considered a relegation team, Dalian has shown great determination and potential to secure victories. Their recent six-game winning streak, including victories against strong teams like Haigang, Shandong, Suning, and Shenhua, has turned heads and boosted hopes for survival.

While it’s true that Dalian had star foreign players like Carrasco, Gaitan, and Mu Xiekui during the 2018 season under Schuster, it’s worth mentioning that other teams also had formidable foreign players. Teams like Seaport, Suning, Shandong, Shenhua, and even Guangzhou R&F boasted top talents. However, Dalian’s local players were not on par with their foreign counterparts, which affected their overall performance.

In the post-Golden Yuan football period, the level of foreign talent across all teams has generally declined. Dalian’s foreign players may seem less impressive compared to other teams, but it’s not an ideal situation for any team. However, the Shenzhen team has an opportunity to adjust their lineup, unlike Dalian. Shenzhen, unfortunately, has to deal with several players being suspended while simultaneously welcoming the return of their solid midfielder, Vakaso.

The upcoming match between the Dalian Natives and Shanghai Shenhua on August 5th is crucial for both teams. In their previous encounter, Dalian held off Shenhua for 82 minutes before conceding a goal and ultimately suffering a 1-0 defeat. The home advantage and the support of their fans will be crucial for the Dalian team. Xie Hui, the coach of Dalian, will need to make targeted adjustments to his formation and personnel to ensure a better outcome this time.

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For Dalian, avoiding low-level mistakes that have cost them valuable points in previous matches becomes even more critical. With the relegation battle intensifying, every point can determine their fate. The current standings show Dalian tied with Shenzhen at 12 points, while Nantong Zhiyun sits slightly ahead with 14 points. These three teams are evenly matched, making it essential for Dalian to maintain their confidence and fight for points in every game.

Nantong Zhiyun and Shenzu also face challenging away matches in this round, making it difficult for all three relegation-threatened teams to secure a victory. Dalian will have to keep a close eye on Shenhua’s key players like Yu Hanchao, Malailai, Bassogo, Teixeira, and Dai Weijun, who will undoubtedly be fighting hard to redeem themselves following their 5-0 defeat against Haigang in the previous round.

The match between Dalian Natives and Shanghai Shenhua will be a test of resilience and determination. Dalian must give their all to secure the three points and keep their survival hopes alive.

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