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Can the Chiefs protect Patrick Mahomes?

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The NFL season is about to come to its much-anticipated crescendo. We have seen some amazing play this year with some wild storylines. From the regular season, we saw the Detroit Lions just miss out on the playoffs but lay the seeds for next season, the Philadelphia Eagles become a defensive juggernaut, and Patrick Mahomes solidified himself as one of the best to ever do it at such a young age. 

In the playoffs, the Eagles’ pass rush has powered them to the final game, while Mahomes’ ankle held up for him to carry the Kanas City Chiefs past the Cincinnati Bengals. However, can the Chiefs’ O line cover for one more game?

Patrick Mahomes

With Tom Brady now retired and Aaron Rodgers showing some signs of aging, the quarterback position belongs to Patrick Mahomes. However, some pundits appear to doubt him coming into the Super Bowl. This is backed by Super Bowl betting as the Philadelphia Eagles are slightly favored at -120, but it’s anyone’s game as the Kanas City Chiefs are at +100. People were clamoring about Joe Burrow, but Mahomes has put that argument to bed this season by defeating the Bengals in the NFL Championship game. If the Chiefs are to succeed, they will need to protect their superstar quarterback.

That makes it seem like there is doubt, which is exactly the opposite. The Chiefs O-line has been the best in the league. During the regular season, they had a pass block win rate of 74.7%, which led the NFL by some distance. Mahomes had a high ankle sprain going into his last game against the Bengals, although it did not look like it. If he is still feeling the effects, they must protect him and let him lead the way to victory. 

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The Eagles Pass Rush

Where the Chiefs may be top-heavy with how their team is constructed, the Eagles probably have the best top-to-bottom roster. That is led by their star quarterback but also by their scintillating pass rush. It is a quarterbacks league, and those that can stop those players highlight their value to a squad. 

The Eagles have run out a lineup that amassed a massive 78 sacks during the regular season, which was the third most in NFL history. However, they have not trailed off in the postseason, highlighted by their NFC Championship game performance, where they had three sacks, 18 pressures, and seven quarterback hits. When they play, the QB is going to be under pressure.

Who will win?

The Super Bowl will be the age-old story of when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object. The Eagles were able to stop a legendary quarterback back in 2018 on their way to their first Super Bowl ever. Could they do it again with a legendary QB in the making in Patrick Mahomes?

It will be an intriguing game that fine margins will decide. However, it isn’t easy to bet against the greatness of Mahomes. 

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