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Candeago. “Guys, how hard it is to cheer for you from the sofa”

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Da Rold after Garlasco’s 3-2 with Giovanni Candeago’s shirt

The Da Rold hitter is recovering from his injury and watched the Belluno victory in Garlasco live on stream

His ankle improves. It is better this way, because Giovanni Candeago realized how much it hurts to have to look at his teammates from the outside. The Da Rold Logistics hitter is doing the work necessary to recover from the injury he sustained on the last Sunday in November, so in the meantime he cheered from the sofa. Luckily the victory came in that of Garlasco, among other things with an attached final dedication by the team.

«What an effort to stay on the sofa with your leg extended and high, when on the contrary you would like to be there in the middle of the field with the team to give them a hand. Regarding the dedication, theirs was a really nice gesture. I thank them, and I hope to be available again soon ».

In a little while we will talk more about the game. But in the meantime, tell us how the recovery continues.

“I’m improving, no doubt. Since Tuesday we have begun to “attack” the ankle together with the physiotherapist and the athletic trainer. I can already take the first small steps without crutches. Now I think it will take a couple of weeks to regain the necessary stability ».

In particular, how are you intervening?

«With Luca Gallina (the physiotherapist, ed.), Who I love how long he devotes me every day, we work to reduce edema. While with the trainer Sergio Sartori I undergo cryotherapy, in a cryosauna where through the vaporized liquid nitrogen a part of the body is brought to a temperature of minus 160 degrees for a few minutes. This leads to vasoconstriction and subsequent vasodilation, which contributes to the gradual disappearance of the edema ».

How are we on schedule for the return?

«May the week of Christmas be the one in which I start touching the ball again, while within the first ten days of January I would like to be able to give my contribution to the team again. The important thing is to get back to your best ».

Meanwhile, Da Rold proves to be fond of the 3-2.

«Garlasco is a good team. True, we could have won the maximum points, but at the same time there was also the risk of going out with nothing in hand against them. Let’s keep this affirmation in the fifth set, but with an awareness: we need to have greater determination in the third sets, where on the contrary we tend to lose aggression and consequently allow the opponent to grow ».

Tomorrow there is a fascinating challenge at the Spes Arena.

«We will have to face it with lightheartedness on the one hand and a lot of competitive nastiness on the other. And a hand will be needed by the public, which we hope will be numerous. I’ll be there too in the stands to encourage the boys ».

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