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Canottieri, derby already behind us. Dal Farra: “We want the playoffs”

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Kevin Dal Farra

One of the best on the field in the match won on Saturday in Sedico speaks like a veteran. “It was a very heartfelt game, the new players got in very well”

He was one of the best on the pitch in the derby won on Saturday. Kevin Dal Farra is the second player of the Canottieri Belluno with the longest continuous militancy with the historic club of the capital.

He had arrived in the 2013-2014 tournament, that of the A2 faced with only Italians and ended with the inevitable relegation.

Only captain Moreno Reolon has more years in biancoblù than he and Gabriele Savi, speaking of long-time rowers. After a few seasons in Serie B, between almost never really complicated salvations and mid-table placings, he keeps us as his teammates, staff and managers trying to grab the playoffs.

A question of prestige and competitiveness. Certainly the 3-2 at Palaricolt against Giorik Sedico certified a not bad start to the tournament. It is not the best in recent years, because the past championship started with five out of five wins. But in a very balanced group the seven points obtained out of the nine available are not bad. Meanwhile, Palmanova arrives on Saturday, paired in the standings and among the surprises of this month of October.


“And we have to think about Palmanova, no longer about the derby,” Dal Farra highlights. «Already on Monday evening at training we closed the Sedico chapter, as in a few days another complicated commitment awaits us».

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True, but it becomes impossible not to return to the success at the home of the cousins, in front of 450 spectators. Derbies add prestige and value to a season if you manage to win them.

“There’s no point in denying that we cared in a particular way. The usual tight challenge has developed, from which it is always difficult to emerge. The teams were contracted, it is hard to see particular plays. In any case, the important thing is to have brought it home ».

In the summer, the usual corporate philosophy continued, aimed at confirming a large part of the roster. The grafts were those of the young Bardini, the Brazilian Robinho and the Argentine Norman.

“All three of them fit in well with the staff. In our group we help each other and the integration of those who arrive becomes easier ».


Fifth place was a dream for a long time last year, only to fade in extremis precisely to the prerogative of the Sedico. This time the Canottieri would not want to miss the opportunity to extend their season. Without forgetting that the first four at the end of the first leg will take part in the Italian Cup of the category.

“We would like to go to the playoffs, right,” confirms Dal Farra. «But watch out for the contenders, all of worth. The newly promoted teams themselves boast respectable squads and a very balanced league is developing. So it’s okay to try to put together as many points as possible right away ».

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We still need to improve on some aspects, no doubt.

«Usually we struggle to concede goals, but we have already conceded eight. We need to find the best compactness. Already on Saturday ».

Little secrets to make the definitive leap between the favorites of the group.

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