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Cantonese media: Guangzhou youth team plays in the AFC Champions League to train new players as the main goal – yqqlm

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Cantonese media: Guangzhou youth team plays in the AFC Champions League to train new players as the main goal – yqqlm

Original title: Cantonese media: Guangzhou team youths play the AFC Champions League training newcomers as the main goal

Article source: Yangcheng Evening News

On April 11, the AFC Champions League officially announced that due to the impact of the epidemic, Shanghai Haigang withdrew from the AFC Champions League group stage of the new season, and Changchun Yatai, who had previously decided not to participate in the AFC Champions League,This year, only two Chinese Super League teams, Guangzhou and Shandong Taishan, will play in the AFC Champions League.

According to the schedule, the AFC East Asia region group stage will be held from April 15 to 30. As the third runner-up of the Chinese Super League last season, the Guangzhou team is divided with the Japanese team Kawasaki Frontale, the South Korean team Ulsan Hyundai and the Malaysian team Johor Bahru. Group I, the group stage will be played in a double round-robin format in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. The Guangzhou team flew to Malaysia yesterday afternoon. The team’s first match in the AFC Champions League group stage was a guest against the host Johor Bahru at 22:00 Beijing time on April 15th. According to the qualifying rules, the first place in the 5 groups in the East Asia region and the second place in the 3 groups with the best results will enter the knockout round.

This season’s AFC Champions League is affected by various factors such as the epidemic and the conflict with the Chinese Super League. The Guangzhou team’s roster for the AFC Champions League is dominated by reserve teams and young players. The 36-year-old young coach Pan Yonghe will be in charge. Last year, he led the Guangzhou youth team to the AFC Champions League group stage as an assistant coach. Team coach, Pan Yonghe served as assistant coach and physical coach when Zheng Zhi coached the Guangzhou team last season.

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On April 3, the Guangzhou team announced the 30-man AFC preliminary list. After two adjustments, the Guangzhou team confirmed the AFC Champions list on the evening of the 10th. In the Guangzhou team’s 30-person registration list, as many as 27 players were born after 2000. 13 players including Li Jiahao, Chen Zhengfeng, Zhou Pinxi, Zhou Tiancheng, Zhang Jihao, Huang Kaizhou and Zhang Zhihao played in the AFC Champions League last season. Most of the rest are players in the 2000-2003 age group newly recruited by Evergrande Football School. The average age is as low as 20.3 years old, and there are only three “post-90s” players. The youngest is 18-year-old striker Guo Shuai born in 2004, and the oldest is 28-year-old midfielder Yang Xin. The 19-year-old midfielder Wang Mu, who had previously entered the preliminary list, was not selected for the final list of the AFC Champions League, and he does not rule out the possibility of being promoted to the first team in the new season.

Last season’s AFC Champions League group stage, the Guangzhou team with young players as the team suffered a 6-game losing streak and were eliminated from the bottom of the group, scoring 1 goal and conceding 17 goals. The only goal was Ning Haoxu in the final round of the group stage. own goal, creating the worst record of a Chinese Super League team in the AFC Champions League.

In the AFC Champions League in the new season, Guangzhou and Shandong Taishan, the two participating Chinese Super League teams, will continue to play as youth teams. In this regard, the AFC has publicly stated that the Chinese Super League teams lack due respect for the AFC Champions League. Due to the limited operating funds in the new season, the Guangzhou team, which is dominated by young players, will have difficulty making breakthroughs in the AFC Champions League. It will be more realistic to avoid the embarrassing complete defeat record last season and to train newcomers to cultivate and discover talents for the first team. Target.Return to Sohu, see more

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