Home Sports Cantonese media: The gold content of the Chinese Super League is the lowest in the past 10 years. Can the Guangzhou Youth Army create a miracle?

Cantonese media: The gold content of the Chinese Super League is the lowest in the past 10 years. Can the Guangzhou Youth Army create a miracle?

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Cantonese media: The gold content of the Chinese Super League is the lowest in the past 10 years. Can the Guangzhou Youth Army create a miracle?

Original title: Cantonese media: Can the Guangzhou Youth Army create a miracle with the lowest gold content in the Super League in the past 10 years?

Beijing time on May 30th news, this season, Guangzhou has four Chinese Super League teams to play, and the proportion has become the highest in all provinces in the country, although the four clubs have many defects and problems in terms of strength and team status. For example, the three teams except Meizhou have unresolved salary arrears, but the Guangdong media Guangzhou Daily still has high hopes for the four teams, and analyzed and interpreted the schedule of the Chinese Super League of the four teams:

Guangzhou Daily wrote in its commentary: Guangdong professional football once again has 4 teams gathered on the stage of the top league. With the departure of Guangzhou City to Haikou, the four Guangdong soldiers have all entered the three divisions, and they will face this year’s unpredictable Chinese Super League season together.

From an objective point of view, under the superposition of various factors such as the complete ebb of “Golden Yuanhua”, the impact of the epidemic, and the dramatic changes in the competition system, the competitive gold content of the Chinese Super League this season may be the lowest in the past 10 years. Crown” and “relegation” two groups.

The Guangzhou team participated in the first stage of the competition with the “All China Class” lineup this year. Except for Jiang Guangtai, Wei Shihao and other 5 international players, the rest of the players are basically the youth army after 00, and the outside world is generally not optimistic about their prospects. In the first stage of the Dalian Division, the Guangzhou team is in the same group as the Shanghai team, the Wuhan team and the Hebei team. From the point of view of the cards, the Guangzhou team is similar to the Hebei team, which is also in the “All-China class”, and it is obviously at a disadvantage compared with the other four teams with foreign aid.

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However, the two teams in Shanghai have been lacking normal training for a long time due to the impact of the epidemic. At present, their physical fitness and competitive state are not good, and foreign aid has not yet been in place. Therefore, the Guangzhou team is not necessarily defeated. On the contrary, the “promoted horses” Wuhan Three Towns, who have enough soldiers this season, are the strongest teams in the Dalian Division at this stage. It is not a bad thing for the Guangzhou team to face Shenhua in the first round. The key is whether they can be undefeated against the three towns of Wuhan in the second round. Under the “devil schedule”, the Guangzhou team, whose average age is only in their early 20s, may still have a slight advantage in physical fitness, and under the new competition system, the Guangzhou team does not need to change the competition area in the first three stages. It depends on this group of young people. Whether the army can create a miracle with the aura of a newborn calf that is not afraid of tigers.

As for Guangzhou City, it has been deeply involved in various rumors some time ago, and finally successfully entered the Haikou competition area. In terms of preparation status and personnel structure, Guangzhou City can only play in the “All China Class” for the time being. Guangzhou City encountered Changchun Yatai who had been training in Haikou for more than 3 months in the first battle, and the prospects were not optimistic. In the crucial second round, if facing the Dalian team who made up for the Chinese Super League at the last minute, they can win, Guangzhou City will not be hopeless this season.

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The Shenzhen team opened high and moved low last year, and recently they have weathered the storm temporarily. The core lineup of Shenzhen Football Club last year has not changed much. Under the command of South Korean iron coach Lee Jang-soo, it is exciting to see whether the team’s mental temperament will undergo new changes. The Shenzhen Football Club, which is in the Meizhou Division, has already gone to the local area for training and competitions, and is no stranger to all aspects of conditions. In the first two rounds, they faced the ambitious “promoted” Chengdu Rongcheng and the revamped Tianjin Jinmen Tigers. If they can achieve satisfactory results, they are still expected to hit the top of the standings this year.

Although Meizhou Hakka are “promoted horses”, they have the right time and place as the hosts, and they have already carried out large-scale signings and upgrading their lineup. At present, there are 5 practical foreign aids, and there is also international player Yin Hongbo. 1/3 of the Meizhou Hakka squad are Cantonese players. They faced Tianjin Jinmen Tigers and Cangzhou Lions in the first two rounds. The “Guangdong Derby” between the third round and Shenzhen Football Team is expected. (Guangzhou Daily)Return to Sohu, see more


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