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Capuozzo winks at Crowley: “We talk regularly, I hope to be there in November”

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Ange Capuozzo in the Pro D2 match won against Agen on 9 September. Getty

“Capuozzo, the Angel who makes Grenoble win” headlined Olympic noon a couple of Mondays ago, on the same page where he entered theextreme in the ideal XV of the week. The article focused on the action that in the 78th minute gave the Alpine club the victory against Vannes (33-38). The beauty is that Ange Capuozzo, 22, seen in blue at the 2019 Under-20 World Cup, that goal has not even marked it. “But one would really have to love rugby a little in order not to appreciate thedazzling acceleration by Ange Capuozzo – wrote the bi-weekly of French rugby -, who started from his 22 meters and left three defenders in place before slipping away at the opening Hilsenbeck, stunned by such speed. But above all, thatfabulous attitude that saw him totally block the race to take out another retreating defender, the scrum-half Springbok Rudy Paige, that moment of stop that allowed him to await the support of Adrien Seguret, who came from who knows where. C.able to accelerate again after such an abrupt stop, Capuozzo manages to resist Dubreuil’s tackle and to offer the ball of victory to his center, for a goal that in the end did not crush him, but which can be attributed to him serenely ”.

Here Capuozzo’s extraordinary sprint for the goal against Vannes

Capuozzo is one of the emerging talents of the French leagueAnd. An electrifying, slippery extreme of small size, with great acceleration, an extraordinary flair for the goal and important skills. A type of Minozzi? “In some ways it is similar – dice Fabio Roselli, who coached him in the blue two years ago at the World Cup and who, together with Maurizio Zaffiri, kept in touch with him – but Ange has more ability in the decision-making process in relation to what he is playing. Less instinct and more understanding“. “Ange is one that sit rugby ”he had said of him Stephane Glas, former center of the Bleus, coach of the rossoblù dell’Isère until last season. “I’m living a wonderful time – he attacks, trying to speak Italian as much as possible – and I feel that the best is yet to come. I’m focused on the rest of the season. The first objective is to continue to do well with Grenoble, the second is to be involved in Italy ”.

Capuozzo with the blue under 20

Capuozzo with the blue under 20

Can you tell us about your first steps in rugby?

“I was born in The Pont-de-Claix, on the outskirts of the city, I started playing there when I was five, while I moved to Grenoble when I was 10. No one in my family played. Indeed, we come from a football culture. My family comes from Naples ”.

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What did you like about rugby?

“I don’t know, at 5 I just had fun. However, I think the thing that attracted me the most is the contact. I am a very boy energetic. And then I shot pretty much all of the backs’ roles. First as nine, then from opening, two extreme years, then also center and wing. But now I feel that my place is that of the extreme, there I made my best performances ”.

Glas says she “feels” rugby. What does it mean?

“I think he meant that I adapt well to situations. The fact that I have played in all the roles allows me to read what is happening, to understand if I have to use my foot, if I have to challenge the opponent one on one. It comes naturally to me to face any kind of situation ”.

When did you realize how extreme your role was?

“At the 2019 under 20 World Cup, thanks to Italy. I approached the staff after a test between us of the Grenoble youth team and the blue under 20 selection. There I gave my availability. A little while later, when they decided to summon me, they asked me if I was willing to play extreme. At that time I was playing scrum half, I had played a couple of games with 15 in under 16, but I said yes. Roselli asked me to try that role. I had never played an international match, I didn’t know anything but in the end it went very well. By the time I got back to the club, I had become an extreme. In fact, my career started there. That World Cup in Argentina was a magnificent adventure. Italy is important to me, I have an Italian culture in life between grandfather, dad and a passion for music. I have relatives in Naples, Rome, Bologna, I’ve been there two or three times to see them ”.

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Can you tell us about your Italian origins?

“Grandfather arrived in France with the Second World War, dad was born here but in fact the family spoke Neapolitan. In the family they worked in the industry of gloves, one of the specialties of the Italian quarter of Grenoble. And an uncle has a business that trades coffee“.

Are you in contact with the staff of the Italian national team?

“Yup. We talk on the phone regularly, with Kieran Crowley e Franco Smith. Even just for two or three minutes, but I always enjoy hearing them. Being part of the national team is a great goal for me. I hope to be there in Novemberand, moreover, the tests are in Italy, it would be great to be there ”.

The rally is set for October 24th.

“Exactly. I await the call, meanwhile I cross my fingers“.


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