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“Car King” Schumacher’s son was hit in two in F1 race – IT and Sports

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“Car King” Schumacher’s son was hit in two in F1 race – IT and Sports

On the evening of the 29th local time, the Monaco Grand Prix of the 2022 World Formula One Championship came to an end. As the “crown” of F1 cars, the Monaco Grand Prix was frequently played in heavy rain. On the 26th lap, Mick Schumacher of the Haas team, the son of 7-time F1 champion Michael Schumacher, lost control of the car when he came out of the 14th turn, hit the track wall and continued to slide. Turn 15 hit the retaining wall again, and the car was broken in two and severely damaged.


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The race was interrupted for a while, but fortunately the driver was fine.

Earlier this season at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, Mick Schumacher had a similarly severe crash that cost the Haas team around $1 million in repairs; the Monaco crash will also cost the team economic conditions are more tense.

In the end, after the restart of the race, Red Bull driver Sergio Perez crossed the finish line first, teammate Verstappen ranked third, Ferrari driver Sainz won the runner-up; Chinese driver Zhou Guanyu of Alfa Romeo team Ranked 16th and finished the race smoothly.

After seven races, Verstappen leads the drivers standings with 125 points, Leclerc is close behind with 116 points, and Perez is third with 110 points. The next race of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix will be held on June 12.

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