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Car registrations: +14.7% in November. Petrol supplies continue to grow,

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Car registrations: +14.7% in November.  Petrol supplies continue to grow,

In November, the Italian auto market replicates the double-digit growth of October, +14.7%, benefiting from the comparison with a heavy decline in November 2021, -24.6%

Umberto Schiavella


The car market in Italy recovered in November. Registrations of new vehicles are on the increase with 119,853 units, a growth equal to 14,7% compared to the 104,519 registrations recorded in November 2021. The comparison with 2021 in the first 11 months of the year is still at a loss with 1,211,769 cars registered, we are talking about 160,000 fewer vehicles and a drop in11,6%.

The users

The analysis of the market of the month from the point of view of the users underlines a resilience of the private individuals who in any case lose almost 8 points, to 56.2% of the share in November (58.8% in the cumulative). Self-registrations are back in the negative, stopping at a 7.7% share (8.4% in 11 months). On the other hand, there was an increase in business channels such as long and short-term rental and companies. Growing the long term rental which in the month reaches a 26.8% share, gaining 8 points thanks to the excellent result of Top and Captive (22.5% overall), while the short term rentalalbeit growing, stops at a 2.7% share (4.2% in January-November), finally society confirm the 6.5% share for the same period 2021 and close the 11 months at 6.1%.

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The feedings

Good growth for petrol, diesel and LPG cars. Passenger cars a gas see the November market increase by 14.2%, with a market share of 27.2%, while the diesel they grew by 13.9% compared to the same month of 2021, with a share of 17.9%. In the eleven months of 2022, registrations of petrol cars decreased by 18.2% (with a market share of 27.9%) and those of diesel by 22.6% (share 19.5%). Alternative fuel cars accounted for 54.9% of registrations in the month of November alone, up by 15.5%, and 52.5% of cumulative volumes, down by 2.3%. The electrified cars they represent 43.3% of the market in November, up by 14.5%, while in the eleven months of 2022 they have a share of 42.8% and fall by 0.7%. Among these, the non-rechargeable hybrids they increased by 23.1% in the month and reached a share of 33.5%, while in the aggregate they grew by 4.8%, with a market share of 34%. The registrations of rechargeable cars they decreased by 7.5% in November and represent 9.8% of the market (-17.5% and 8.8% share in cumulative 2022). Among these, the electric cars they have a 4.3% share and decreased by 26.1% in the month, while plug-in hybrids grew by 15% and accounted for 5.5% of November registrations. In the period January-November 2022, Bev e Phev both undergo declines, respectively by 27% and 9%. Finally, gas-powered cars represent 11.6% of registrations in November, of which 11.3% is represented by cars Gpl (+38.3%) and 0.3% from methane-powered cars (-78.5%). Since the beginning of 2022, LPG cars have increased by 8.3% and natural gas ones by 65.8%. In the cumulative since the beginning of the year, Fiat Panda, Launch Ypsilon e Fiat 500 hybrids occupy the top three positions in the mild and full hybrid segment. Among the Phevs, Jeep Compass is the best-selling model in the progressive 2022, followed by Jeep Renegade. Among the electric Fiat 500 it is once again the best-selling model since the beginning of the year. Good DR Automobiles which triples the sales of its models both in the month (+185%) and in the cumulative since the beginning of the year (+196%).

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Segments and bodies

In November, utility and super-utility cars accounted for 34.7% of the market, up by 3.8%. The best-selling model remains Fiat Panda. Mid-segment cars had a market share of 10.5% in November, with the market growing by 35.6% compared to the eleventh month of 2021. I Suv they had a 51.2% market share for the month, up 18.1%. In particular, i Small SUVs represent 23.4% of the market for the month (+16.8% compared to November 2021), the Compact SUVs he 20.1% (+14.8%), i SUV medi 6.4%, (+35.4%), while sales of SUV grandi they are 1.3% of the total (+16.5%). 21.5% of SUVs sold belong to a Stellantis Group brand. Minivans e multispazio they represent 1.3% of the November market and lose 31.5% of volumes compared to November 2021. From the beginning of 2022, utilitarian e super utilitarian have a share of 35.9% (-19.3% compared to the eleven months of 2021), the average of 9.9% (-21.3%), i Suv by 51.2% (2.8%) and minivans e multispazio dell’1,8% (-23,6%).

The best-selling cars, top ten

In the first eleven months of 2022 Fiat Panda occupies the top step of the podium with 95,301 units sold followed by Launch Ypsilon with 38,383 copies and still from Fiat 500 with 34,680 models, but excluding the electric version and the Abarth brand. In fourth place Dacia Sandero with 31,369 pieces it precedes Citroen C328,869 units and Ford Puma, 27,526 cars. Box number seven for Jeep Renegade25,684 copies, eighth place for Toyota Yaris24,833 pieces, ninth position for Peugeot 208, 24,169 cars. Finally, the Japanese brand Toyota closes the top ten with Yaris Cross reaches 23,723 units sold.

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Used market

The used market totals 415,438 transfers of ownership gross of mini transfers to dealers in November 2022, 43.1% more than in November 2021. In the first eleven months of 2022, transfers of ownership are 4,242,570, up by 33.5% compared to the same period of 2021.

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