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Carlino, surprise party for the bronze medal Mara Navarria: “You are fantastic”

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PUG. The “Eros Della Ricca” stadium in Carlino lights up in bronze and the light it emanates reflects on Mara Navarria’s face, as she enters on the notes of “We Are The Champions” by Queen. A long applause greets her, and she, surprised, does not hide the emotion. Everyone looks at her with adoring eyes and you can sense the pride behind the masks: yes, because all of Carlino and Friuli were on the platform with Mara that morning in Tokyo, supporting her and encouraging her. They trembled, fought, sweated and rejoiced with her and now they want to enjoy this medal, which illuminates them in the Carlinese night.

She, Mara Navarria, new bronze medalist in team sword at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, who has now become a heroine, does not forget Michela Battiston in this moment of celebration, who will be on the platform for the team saber competition at night, and says ” tonight I’ll be with the people of Malisana cheering for her. I hope she can win, but fencing is growing everywhere – she says – and consequently the competitiveness of the athletes is growing, so no competition is easy ». He does not forget in this moment of joy his coaches from Dario Codarin who is no longer there, to Oleg who died some time ago, to the current coach Roberto Cirillo, recalling their teachings which were decisive for achieving victory. Remarks that this was a strange Olympics, lived “in solitude”, eating with gloves on the plexiglass, but this was not a deterrent, but a motivation. And then the mayor of Carlino, Loris Bazzo, to remember Mara’s performance, while the images of his race scrolled on the display. “The final for the bronze was fought until the last jab: Mara scored 12 points out of 23, she was the best, she dragged the team to victory,” he said. Immediately reiterating that “what remains of the sword champion, her long career, her world and Olympic successes is that Mara is a champion in life who has always maintained high the values ​​of family and honesty, of the indissoluble bond with own land and this is the best face of her ». –

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