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Carragher: Manchester United proves that rich does not mean everything Newcastle recovery is difficult

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Original title: Carragher: Manchester United proves that money does not mean that it is difficult for Newcastle to revive

The Saudi consortium’s entry into Newcastle has become the focus of Premier League football in recent days, and many competitors are worried that the new “golden father” will make Newcastle another “big Mac” in the British arena. However, Carragher, a famous Liverpool star, thinks that this kind of worry is a bit self-disturbing, because money does not mean everything, and Manchester United has money and has not been able to successfully revive. The following is a partial translation of Carragher’s views in the “Daily Telegraph” column:

The acquisition of Newcastle makes me sad because the only way for a club like this to win is to be acquired by a billionaire. The new chairman of Newcastle is from Saudi Arabia, so he has been criticized and questioned, but please do not shy away from this fact. The football pyramid is inherently unfair. This makes the hope of millions of fans slim. They have realized that only a large consortium can save the club and rejuvenate the club. Football now uses money endlessly all over the world. According to reports, 19 Premier League clubs held a meeting to express their concerns about the acquisition of Newcastle. What a hypocrisy, especially the six clubs that participated in the European Super League program.

Many people doubt that Newcastle will accept people who change the rules of football trading, as long as they receive such dividends, no matter where they are from, they will provide such reasons. From a football perspective, I am very happy that Newcastle fans can dream again. No matter how much money is invested in the club, it will be an amazing feat if Newcastle can win the championship before 2030. In many ways, Newcastle will be more difficult than Manchester City. They can learn from Manchester City, Chelsea and Paris Saint-Germain. Of course, Newcastle also has reason to be cautious, because they face a different situation, which is not the same as Abramovich’s acquisition of Chelsea. Before Abramovich took over Chelsea, the Blues had won the FA Cup, Zola, Gullit and Germany. Players like Sely are attracted to London and they already have the basis for taking the next step.

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The Saudi consortium understands that success is not just about spending money on new players. Since Sir Ferguson retired, Manchester United has spent £1 billion, but it has been 9 years since they last won the Premier League title. Manchester United is the most obvious example. Football clubs cannot spend large sums of money to win the championship. They must have the right people to coordinate and plan. The money must be spent on the blade. Yes, money will make the club go further. Newcastle first needs to get rid of the possibility of relegation before it can challenge a European seat and eventually become a frequent visitor to the Champions League. The rise of Newcastle will make the Premier League more attractive, and it is always good to have more big clubs participating in the competition.Return to Sohu to see more


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