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Cars: EU ministers ratify the ban on internal combustion engines in 2035 – Economy

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Cars: EU ministers ratify the ban on internal combustion engines in 2035 – Economy

The European energy ministers have ratified by a majority the regulation on the ban on internal combustion engines powered by petrol and diesel in 2035.

Italy abstained in the vote on the final ratification, according to what emerges from the final report of the vote in the Energy Council. Together with Rome, Sofia and Bucharest also abstained
on the agreement ratified by a majority of EU ministers. The only negative vote was cast by Poland.

Germany, on the other hand, is in favour, after the agreement on the future use of e-fuels reached over the weekend with the European Commission.

In the meantime, the first agreement between the Council and the EU Parliament for the construction of electric and hydrogen recharging stations for cars and heavy vehicles on the main road networks of EU countries. The European Parliament made it known.

Under the agreement, charging stations for electric cars will have to be installed every 60 kilometers by 2026 on the main road axes indicated in the priority European transport networks (TEN-T). For heavy vehicles and coaches, recharging stations must be installed every 120 kilometers by 2028. Hydrogen distribution systems must instead be installed every 200 kilometers by 2031.

The agreement provides that individual countries present national plans for achieving the indicated objectives but also the possibility of exceptions for the most disadvantaged areas, islands and roads with little traffic.

“The new rules – commented the rapporteur of the European Parliament, the German socialist Ismail Ertug – will contribute to the creation of new infrastructures for alternative fuels without further delays and will ensure that the use and refueling of new generation cars is equally simple and convenient as for petrol vehicles”.

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The agreement, before becoming definitive, will now have to be examined and approved by the ambassadors of the 27 and by the Council as well as by the transport commission and the plenary of the European Parliament.

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