The air of the derby was already in the air in the days preceding the match when, during the night between Thursday and Friday, some Osimani left writings accompanied by far-right symbols near the Castelfidardo sports facility. Gesture promptly condemned by the Osimo Ultras themselves who, through a statement, intended to distance themselves both from the calls of a political matrix and from the modus operandi, without prejudice to the indisputable rivalry between the two fans.

Speaking of the match itself, however, both fans are well charged with the stadium packed overall by almost 1,000 spectators. At the start of the match, the home ultras mock the guests with a curve cover depicting Pinocchio to whom a teacher with a green-and-white scarf gives cheering lessons, completed by the banner “Osimano take notes”. Simple but well done and with a good impact.

The match is also very popular on the pitch and more than once the two benches are called by the match director, which only ignites the spirits and enthusiasm of both fans.

Nearly 300 people and almost all ultras show up from nearby Osimo, who reach the stadium with a nice procession and once the various banners are positioned, they begin to sing various chants against the home ultras, who promptly respond.

The match ends goalless bringing Osimana close to the playoffs while the guests undeservedly slip into the less sweet playout area.

Francesco Fortunato