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Catenacci: “Long bench is the key to victory” Fiorito, another disappointment in the 90th minute

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The grenade manager: “With the changes, the team has raised the pace” The blue coach: “Well for 45 ‘, then we didn’t stand up to the attack”

after the race

“In the first half we suffered the pace of Pavia, which deserved the advantage – commented after the match the technical director of Varzi, Filippo Catenacci on the bench to lead the team with Tiberio Loda, in place of coach Alessandro Pagano, absent due to a serious bereavement familiar -. We were sterile in the attack, very confusing. But the squad we have is large and in the second half the changes made the difference ». Catenacci, recently ex player, summarizes the turning point in the second half. “In addition to the mentality with a very different second half also in this respect, after the break we saw a different Varzi, also thanks to the five newcomers to whom I must give special applause because they entered with the right attitude”. Three heavy points to continue the top race and fourth consecutive victory for the grenade. “An important success because, beyond the derby, it is fundamental for our journey, in a championship where we will play it until the end – underlines the manager from granata – Now let’s think about Sunday’s trip to Settimo, not to be underestimated despite being last. in the standings “. The Varzi players wanted to make a special dedication to their coach Alessandro Pagano, absent yesterday to attend the funeral of his father, with a shirt with the words “We are close to you mister”.

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Fiorito’s disappointment

At Pavia home the climate is obviously very different with Mr. Giuseppe Fiorito who cannot hide the disappointment and regret for the second knockout at the end, after that of ten days ago with Castanese. «Beyond the value of their strikers Pizzini and Grasso, Varzi played to throw the ball forward and jump over us, we had to shorten low and then start again – explains the blue technician -. We succeeded in the first half, deservedly ending the lead. In the second half, however, we had to dribble out of our defensive zone and try to hit Varzi on the counterattack, but we didn’t succeed because our opponents all threw themselves forward closing us in our half of the pitch and trying in the last 25 ‘all for everything. In any case, for the first 20 minutes of the second half we had contained them ». The classification for Pavia remains inadequate and a point in the last three races, even with not negative performances, weighs heavily on the morale of the group. “When you lose games like this it is obviously always difficult on a mental level to play the next ones – admits Fiorito – But we have to increase the pace, the intensity, getting slowly to keep them high for all ninety minutes and not just in the first half as it happened with Varzi ».

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