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Cavani and other four will be suspended by FIFA – Teller Report

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Cavani and other four will be suspended by FIFA – Teller Report

Original title: Uruguay pay the price for World Cup violations (quote)

Cavani and other four will be suspended by FIFA (topic)

News tonight (Reporter Wang Zi from Haihe Media Center) Beijing time, FIFA punished Uruguay for violations in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Four players were suspended and the Uruguayan Football Association was fined 50,000 Swiss francs.

In the final round of the World Cup group match against Ghana, Uruguay besieged the referee after the match and destroyed the video playback equipment. After the game, the South Korean team overwhelmed Uruguay to advance to the round of 16 with the advantage of goals. If the latter can score one more goal, it will reverse the situation.

In the previous match against Portugal, the Uruguay team also suffered a controversial penalty kick, and new and old grudges directly led to the explosion of the players. At that time, there was news that FIFA would severely punish Uruguay. After nearly two months, the result of the punishment was long overdue.

In the end, Uruguayan players Muslera and Jimenez were suspended for four games and fined 20,000 Swiss francs; Cavani and Godin were suspended for one game and fined 15,000 Swiss francs; community service. The Uruguayan Football Federation was fined 50,000 Swiss francs. In addition, Uruguay’s home stadium for the next FIFA A-level match will be partially closed.

In fact, the Uruguayan team does not have any major competition tasks in 2023, and the suspension of four players will not have too much impact for the time being. Considering that it is difficult for the “five elders” in the team to participate in the next World Cup at the age, the update of the lineup should be completed as soon as possible That’s the top priority for Uruguay.

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In recent seasons, young talents including Ernesto Valverde and Nunez have emerged, but they still need more honing if they want to support the future of Uruguayan football. Especially Nunez, the recent situation in the Liverpool team is not ideal. After Cavani and Suarez gradually faded out of the Uruguayan team, he will take on greater responsibilities with high expectations.

From this perspective, the Uruguayan team’s punishment this time may become an opportunity to promote the replacement of the old and the new. They must start to adapt to the days without Cavani, Godin and other veterans, and accelerate the training of new players. Lonzo’s primary target.

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