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Cavese and Casorate pass the turn Albuzzano hopes

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Cavese and Casorate pass the turn Albuzzano hopes

After the group stage, in Cava pirotecnico 5-4 between the hosts and the Rivanazzanese while the team of the patron Bianchi closes with full points


The group stage of the First Category Lombardy Cup has ended.

In group 43 in the end it was Cavese who won the next round thanks to the spectacular 5-4 victory against the bottom of Rivanazzanese. Although the Oltrepadani were already eliminated, Cavese won only by measure with the hat-trick of Saccardi and the goals of Sergi and Villa, thus celebrating the victory in the group and the consequent qualification for the round of 32 of the event. To facilitate the promotion of the Pavesi was also the draw without goals between the Garlasco of mister Roberto Gioia and the Giovanile Lungavilla: the two teams failed to score and so the Lungavilla stopped at 5, failing to reach the first position. On the other hand, Casorate had already qualified in group 42: the team of president Bianchi also won the third and final match (2-0 at Romano Banco) and thus ended with full points. Together with the formation of Buccinasco, also eliminated Rosatese and the Vigevano of mister Davide Bruno who drew 2-2 in the direct match. Albuzzano (3-1 at Valera) leads group 36: a verdict, however, linked to Athletic-Siziano.

Group 36: Albuzzano-Valera Fratta 3-1; Athletic Pavia-Siziano (played last night). Classification: Albuzzano 6 points; Siziano and Valera Fratta 4; Athletic Pavia 0.

Group 42: Casorate-Romano Banco 2-0; Rosatese-Vigevano 2-2. Classification: Casorate points 9; Rosatese and Vigevano 4; Romano Banco 0.

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Group 43: Cavese-Rivanazzanese 5-4; Garlasco-Lungavilla 0-0. Classification: Cavese points 7; Lungavilla 5; Garlasco 2; Rivanazzanese 1. –

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