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Cavina pays Dinamo to Piero Bucchi for all

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Convulsive day in Sassari, with the change of coach and a new player

SASSARI. The signing of a new player, the exoneration of the coach and the appointment of the new technical guide. All in the space of a few hours, from 11 in the morning to mid-afternoon. At Dinamo Banco di Sardegna, the small autumn revolution takes shape in unexpected ways and times.

First the announcement of the return to Sassari of the Croatian guard Filip Kruslin, almost a “diversion” from the bombs dropped later. Then in quick succession the exoneration of Demis Cavina and finally, at 19 o’clock, the official choice of the new coach: Piero Bucchi, dean of the Serie A coaches, a great coach, will take over the helm of the Sassari team. experience that currently holds the role of assistant to coach Meo Sacchetti in the Italian national team.

The arrival in the city of the former coach from Brindisi, Naples, Treviso and Milan is expected between today and tomorrow morning, when the new Banco coach will be presented to the mass media in the Club House in via Nenni.

Yesterday’s earthquake therefore puts an end to the Cavina bis, which lasted a few months: the coach from Castel San Pietro returned to Dinamo last summer 12 years after the two-year experience lived in Piazzale Segni between 2007 and 2009. After a good pre-season (two friendlies and four Super Cup matches), and a progressive involution from the point of view of performances and results, his bench had started to creak: on the one hand the misunderstandings with the play holder Clemmons, which led to the consensual termination of the agreement last week; on the other, the technical-tactical problems, with the attack often bogged down and the defense subject to terrible blackouts, and the too slow growth of the younger and inexperienced elements. Above all, the outside Tyus Battle and the Christian Mekowulu center, with the latter who could pack his bags very soon.

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The beating at home against Trieste two Saturdays ago had opened a huge crack between the team, coach and society, but immediately the group reacted well, beating just two days later the leaders of the Champions League group. On Sunday the umpteenth appeal test at Derthona, which ended with the vertical collapse of the third quarter (with the record of 40 points collected in 10 minutes) and the belated attempt at the final comeback.

Finally, the silence of the press, decreed immediately after the end of the Casale Monferrato match, and the complete silence on Monday. With the championship match scheduled for Sunday against Naples and the subsequent stop, an ultimatum could have been hypothesized for Cavina.

Yesterday, however, after a confrontation with the team and with Federico Pasquini, the president Stefano Sardara made the final decision: via Cavina, inside Bucchi. The story of this season is still to be written, the new coach has the task of immediately putting the dots on the “i”.

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