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CBA All-Star Game helps Xiamen build an international sports city

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CBA All-Star Game helps Xiamen build an international sports city

This past weekend, the 2024 CBA All-Star Game was held in Xiamen. With exciting duels, rich activities, and lively scenes, this basketball feast has once again made Xiamen the focus of fans across the country.

Xiamen Marathon, World Athletics Diamond League, Women’s Football Olympic Qualifiers… In recent years, Xiamen has anchored its goal of building an international sports city and successfully hosted a series of top events. In the process of bidding, preparing, and hosting the event, Xiamen fully demonstrated its “quality”, “appearance” and “charm”. Sports are also playing an increasingly important role in Xiamen’s urban development.

Ruan Dunliang, director of the Xiamen Municipal Sports Bureau, stated that sports play an increasingly crucial role in urban development. Well-known sports events bring vitality to city brands, and top international events such as the Xiamen Marathon and Diamond League serve as a window for the world to understand the city. Sports also have positive social effects and enhance the physical fitness of the people, leading to economic development and infrastructure improvement.

Yao Ming, chairman of the Chinese Basketball Association, praised Xiamen’s support services and cultural promotion during the CBA All-Star Weekend, highlighting the city’s sports culture, atmosphere, and event operation capabilities.

Xiamen’s strategy for building an event system involves internal training and external introduction. By hosting high-end events and introducing new competitions, Xiamen has solidified its position as an international sports hub. With experiences in organizing successful events, Xiamen has been selected to host future championships like the Sudirman Cup World Badminton Mixed Team Championships and the Asian Track and Field Championships.

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The city’s pleasant climate, diverse topography, and sports culture tradition have made sports an essential part of Xiamen residents’ lives. In 2023, Xiamen hosted over 300 mass sports events, with millions participating. The city’s focus on the sports industry has also made it a major export base for sports and fitness equipment.

By relying on sports to enhance its international influence, improve physical fitness, and boost the sports industry, Xiamen is well on its way towards becoming an international sports city. Deputy mayor Liao Huasheng expressed confidence in the city’s ability to promote sports development and continue exploring ways to strengthen its position in the sports industry.

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