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Center-left in Tuscany, four single-membered ‘parachutes’: these are the names in the running

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Center-left in Tuscany, four single-membered ‘parachutes’: these are the names in the running

Florence, 8 August 2022 – La Tuscany fort of the center left he has few certainties: safe (single-member) colleges are few, different contestable ones, there are already lost ones, and how.

The Secretary Enrico Letta , given certain as a candidate until a few days ago in Pisa (in the Senate), he leaves Tuscany (it will be proportional to multiple price lists). And he dictates two rules, strongly reiterating to the most loyal Tuscans: those who run uninominal do so without a parachute. Either he wins or he stays at home. He will not have the opportunity to take the field even in the proportional lists. And then: whoever takes the derogation, for those who have already been in parliament for 15 years, goes to the uninominal.

In this case, the case refers to Andrea Marcucci senator Pd , former Renziano. Last Friday the meeting between him and the secretary of the Nazarene. Clear agreements and long friendship. Either this or nothing. Those close to Marcucci say that the senator from Lucca is also thinking about it because the home boarding school is not so safe. He would like a proportional. Otherwise he could give up and close his parliamentary career. Or, rumors multiply without confirmation, he could leave the Democratic Party for Calenda action or even for Italia Viva by Renzi . Political fiction? Possible in a chaos phase like the one inaugurated by the leader of Action on Sunday afternoon on TV.

In Tuscany a total of four ‘parachutes’ are expected: two from parties allied to the Democratic Party (one should be the minister Roberto Speranza of Leu but there are those who also say Benedetto Della Vedova by + Europa or Angelo Bonelli of Green Europe ); two from the Nazarene ( Marco Furfaro on pole). Then there is a long-time socialist like Riccardo Nencini which has its headquarters in Mugello and the pool of votes in the Arezzo college: will you be a candidate with the Democratic Party? Or, as the rumors say, could he ‘lend’ the necessary signatures to Calenda?

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Among the outgoing dem parliamentarians the spotlight is also on Luca Lotti , a deputy who in 2018 with 40% won at the single-member college Camera Toscana 4 (Empoli, some municipalities of Valdelsa, Chianti and Valdarno). Local scuffle for his candidacy then the name, supported by eleven mayors of the Empoli area, arrived on the table of the Tuscan regional secretary Simona Bonafè who forwarded it to the Nazarene. His ‘opponents’ inside the Democratic Party twist their mouths at the renewed take to the field, also thinking about judicial issues; him, leading with Lorenzo Guerini Basically reformist, he looks ahead and confides to his collaborators that he is convinced of the candidacy (probable the proportional Chamber of Florence / Pisa). Sunday 14 August the national leadership of the Democratic Party for the final go-ahead to the lists. And the Ferragostan campaign of the craziest elections in republican history.

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