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Cernoia match winner: the Women break down the unbeatenability of Roma

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Cernoia match winner: the Women break down the unbeatenability of Roma

Juve buffers the emergency well and makes the big match their own. The Giallorossi in ten in the last half hour for the expulsion of Giugliano

The Juventus Women return to success (after the home draw with Inter) and make the big match with Roma 1-0, undefeated so far. The bianconere momentarily jump to the top of the standings, waiting for the matches of Fiorentina and Sampdoria (played on Sunday against Parma and Como) that could find themselves leading the women’s Serie A with full points after three days. The feeling, however, is that it will be the teams of Montemurro and Spugna who will compete for the championship until the end, having in the meantime to calibrate their forces between the championship and the Women’s Champions League.


To decide the first duel the play of a champion: Cernoia. Which in the end rewards the sacrifices of a Juve in full emergency at the start of the season, especially in defense. Gama is out, Sembrant disqualified: and then Montemurro proposes Nilden on the right, moves back Rosucci and asks Salvai to help immediately, even if the plant returns for the first time after a long stop of 271 days. The task of stopping the Giallorossi, under pressure right from the start, is above all of Peyraud Magnin, able to disable the attempts of Glionna (formerly of the race as Bonfantini) and again of Andressa and Giacinti.


The script changes at the beginning of the second half, when Juve first hit the crossbar with Girelli and then pass with a poisonous cross-shot from Cernoia, which betrays Ceasar. The inertia of the match changes, the Bianconere raise the center of gravity and the Giallorossi seem less confident. Lenzini, another returning from an injury, finds Salvai after an hour. Roma remain in ten in the last half hour due to the expulsion of Giugliano (double yellow). The insertions of Cinotti and Serturini (dangerous at the end) are useful to revive the guest maneuver. But the Giallorossi, close to the ninetieth with Wenninger, feel the blow and never take it back.

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