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CGTN Email Fermented Media Asks the CCP Officials About Peng Shuai’s Whereabouts | Zhang Gaoli | Beijing Winter Olympics | Tennis Star

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[EpochTimesNovember192021](Epoch Times reporter Lin Yan comprehensive report) The CCP Global Television Network (CGTN) Peng Shuai email incident continued to ferment, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was also asked about the whereabouts of the famous Chinese tennis star Peng Shuai.

The Global Television Network of the Communist Party of China (CGTN) on Wednesday (November 17) forwarded an email purportedly sent by Peng Shuai to the International Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) through its official Twitter account, stating that Peng Shuai denied that she had been sexually assaulted by former CCP Standing Committee member Zhang Gaoli. , Also denied that he lost contact.

WTA Chairman and CEO Steve Simon responded that he would not accept this so-called Peng Shuai email from CGTN because he tried to contact Peng Shuai through multiple channels, but no results were obtained. “The statement about Peng Shuai issued by the Chinese state media today only made me more worried about her safety and whereabouts.” Simon said.

CCP spokesperson Zhao Lijian refused to answer Peng Shuai’s safety and whereabouts at a regular press conference on Thursday (18), and asked the media to find relevant departments to prevaricate. After reporters expressed dissatisfaction with the Ministry of Public Security’s failure to answer, he responded that, It was a non-foreign affairs, and I didn’t notice what the reporter said.

Subsequently, the text version of the spokesperson’s regular press conference officially announced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs deleted questions related to Peng Shuai.

“Peng Shuai” and “Zhang Gaoli” information are strictly sealed in China

The situation in China is that national media including CCTV did not broadcast any news about Peng Shuai, and there was no relevant discussion on the Internet and social media in China. Some Chinese netizens revealed that the picture version was forwarded in the circle of friends of 6 people. News from Zhang Gaoli and Peng Shuai will be cancelled.

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On November 2nd, Peng Shuai published a long post on Weibo with real-name authentication, reporting that Zhang Gaoli had forced her to have sex with him three years ago. He also revealed that he and Zhang Gaoli had had a relationship with Zhang Gaoli for many years, but Zhang Gaoli was in trouble. abandoned.

Freeweibo.com recorded censored posts on Weibo. According to its latest record, “Peng Shuai” and “Zhang Gaoli” were among the top ten search topics on Thursday.

But searching for “Peng Shuai” in the Sogou search engine can only find articles related to her tennis career. Her Weibo account does not allow comments, and if people search her Weibo account directly, no results will appear.

The US CNN broadcast signal in China was cut off on Thursday to prevent Peng Shuai-related news from being broadcast. In the past, this phenomenon occurred only when the CCP’s sensitive day was involved, or when the program content containing CCP’s sensitive information was expected to be broadcast.

Naomi Osaka, a Japanese tennis player who has won four Grand Slam championships, tweeted on the 16th that she is worried about Peng Shuai, “In any case, censorship is never a good thing. I hope Peng Shuai and her family are safe. .”

After Daban’s tweet, there was a message on Weibo in China, thanking her for following Peng Shuai, but the message was deleted.

One of the comments said: “I don’t know what to say except to pray for her safety. We have accepted that this matter will disappear online. Posts will disappear, accounts will disappear, justice will disappear, laws will disappear, and only the victims. And the pain of torturing her will not disappear. Only the fear of the next victim will not disappear.”

The picture shows the profile of Zhang Gaoli, a former member of the Standing Committee of the Communist Party of China. (Feng Li/Getty Images)

Scholar: The CCP is concerned about the exposure of inappropriate sexual behaviors by leaders

Jennifer Hsu, a researcher on the Diplomacy and Public Opinion Project at the Lowy Institute, an Australian think tank, told CNN that the Chinese government is “clearly aware” that Peng Shuai’s accusations against former CCP Standing Committee member Zhang Gaoli have brought a negative image to the Chinese Communist Party.

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She said that CGTN’s email “may be (deliberately) shared with an international audience to avoid further scrutiny of the party-state by the international community”.

“Those who accuse China’s current government officials or former officials can foresee the consequences,” Xu said. “The public accusations against the former deputy prime minister may prompt other women to make allegations of sexual misconduct by Communist Party members public. This is exactly what the party hopes to prevent. Yes. Therefore, Peng Shuai’s “disappearance” may be a strategy used to prevent other accusers from coming forward.”

The Los Angeles Times reported that Peng Shuai accused Zhang Gaoli of touching on the most sensitive topic of the Chinese Communist Party—the abuse of power by the Communist Party leader. At the same time, the incident occurred before the Beijing Winter Olympics in February, and the international community was openly resisting China’s human rights violations.

Lu Pin, a well-known Chinese feminist activist now living in the United States, also told the Los Angeles Times that CGTN’s e-mails showed that the attention of the international community has brought “enormous pressure” to the Chinese Communist government.

She said: “The question is what else can be done now to make progress in saving Peng Shuai.”

“If the attention is shifted from Peng Shuai, she will be left in the’dark place’,” Lu said. “This is exactly what the Chinese (CCP) government wants to see.”

Wang Yaqiu, a senior China researcher at Human Rights Watch in the United States, said that Peng Shuai is in great danger, and the Chinese Communist government has a history of letting critics “disappear” and forcing them to confess guilt.

Wang Yaqiu said: “No matter how good (Chinese) athletes are, they are just like other people in this country: they are under the irresponsible power of the Chinese (CCP) government. No one is safe.”

Many international tennis organizations continue to put pressure on Beijing

CGTN’s tweet on Wednesday not only failed to reassure those concerned about Peng Shuai, it also exacerbated concerns about her safety.

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What is rare is that some international sports organizations dared to lay down their interests this time and put pressure on Beijing to confirm Peng Shuai’s safety and freedom, and conduct a comprehensive and transparent investigation of the sexual assault, even if they may face the risk of losing the Chinese market.

Simon, the chairwoman of the Women’s Network, said in a public statement on Wednesday (17th): “Peng Shuai must be allowed to speak freely, without intimidation or intimidation from any quarter. Her allegations of sexual assault must be respected, and in complete transparency and without censorship. Investigate.”

He said: “Women’s voice needs to be heard and respected, not censored or directed.”

Heather Bowler, a spokesperson for the International Tennis Federation, said Thursday that they are in contact with the Chinese Tennis Association, as well as with the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) and the International Olympic Committee (ICO).

“The safety of players is always our top priority. We support a comprehensive and transparent investigation of this matter.” Bowler wrote in an email to the Associated Press. “Although we did not talk to the players, we We are contacting China’s National Tennis Association (CTA) to see if they can provide any further information or updates.”

The International Olympic Committee said in a statement on Thursday: “We have seen the latest (Peng Shuai’s email) report and are encouraged by her safety assurance.” Peng Shuai has participated in three Olympic Games.

The International Olympic Committee headquartered in Switzerland, 73% of its revenue comes from the sale of broadcasting rights, and the other 18% comes from sponsors. It has never criticized the Chinese Communist government and often repeats that it is only a sports company and has no power over a sovereign. National policy to take action.

The outside world believes that the WTA can better withstand pressure because it is less dependent on income from China than the International Olympic Committee or the National Basketball Association (NBA).

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