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Chairman of the Saudi Football Association: Hope to win the National Football Team and strive for the fastest qualifying_China Team

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Original title: Chairman of the Saudi Football Association: Hope to win the National Football Team and strive for the fastest qualifying

Article source: Sports reporter Wang Xiaorui

After defeating the Japanese team 1-0, the Saudi team has won 3 consecutive victories, keeping abreast of the Australian team in Group B of the top 12. For such a team that has participated in the World Cup 5 times, the door of the Qatar World Cup is beckoning towards them. For the next contest with the Chinese team, Saudi Arabia is full of expectations: “The sword points to 3 points, and strive to qualify as soon as possible!”

The last time China and Saudi Arabia faced each other, it was back to the 2015 Asian Cup. Although the Chinese team was not optimistic at the time, but with the excellent performance of Wang Dalei and Yu Hai, they won by a thrilling 1-0. So far, that defeat has also left the then chairman of the Saudi Football Association, Ahmed Ed Harbi, on his back. Therefore, he attaches great importance to this match with the Chinese team. Halby said, “This Saudi team has a great chance of qualifying for the 2022 World Cup. The team is now leading with 9 points with Australia. But we are next. The match against the Chinese team will be a strong test. Because the Chinese team will strive for a positive result and want to adjust its position in the group.”

Harby also watched the battle between Saudi Arabia and Japan. He was excited about the performance of the players. “The game against the Japanese team is worth remembering. The team has overcome an important obstacle to the World Cup.” Of course, he is eager for the Saudi team to play a game. Poland started with 4 consecutive victories, “If it can successfully score the 3 points it wants in the match against the Chinese team, the Saudi team is expected to continue to dominate the qualifiers and soon be on the stage of the World Cup in Qatar. We have There is a great chance to enter the World Cup, and the game against the Chinese team will be decisive.”

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Coincidentally, the former President of the Hillar Club Navaf bin Saad expressed similar expectations before the game, “The team won an important victory over Japan. May Allah bless us and we can continue to win the match next Tuesday. The victory of the Chinese team.” Saad said bluntly that the Saudi team is now used to qualifying for the World Cup. “This can give us a sense of pride. The Saudi team has not disappointed the fans at King Abdullah Stadium in Jeddah. We Will continue to use the same method to strive for a better future.”

Now, all sectors of Saudi Arabia are determined to win the next top 12 match, and even the “Riyadh Sports News” also believes that “the battle between China and Saudi Arabia is the strongest and weakest contest in this group.” The reason is that “the Saudi team scored 5 in 3 rounds.” The ball, the offensive power is slightly inferior to Australia with 2 goals, ranking second in the group, while the Chinese team has lost 6 goals, which is the second weakest defense line after Vietnam.” Moreover, the media also listed a data, namely the Saudi team. The historical record in the fourth round of the final stage of the Asian World Cup qualifiers: “Since 1982, 8 times in the 4th round, a total of 5 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss. The winning percentage reached 62.5% and a total of 16 goals were scored. , And the number of goals conceded was only 5.”

However, Saudi head coach Renard was cautious about this. After defeating the Japanese team, he admitted, “In the first half, we didn’t play well and gave the Japanese team too much space, which made them a threat to the Saudi team’s goal. But in the second half, we tried to correct these mistakes. The decisive way to score goals gives the team a better advantage.” Later, Renard made it clear, “We must forget the result of this game, and then we must concentrate on preparing for the next match with China. The team’s game. The Saudi team is still in its infancy. We still have seven important World Cup qualifiers that we need to prepare for.”

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In order to be able to adjust the mentality of the players in all aspects, Renard gave the Saudi team a half-day holiday on the 8th, and allowed the players to leave the hotel and go to restaurants and markets. Some players returned to their homes in Jeddah. Visit family and relatives there. Renard’s goal is very clear: to ease the nerves of the players and keep them as far away from stress as possible. The Saudi team is expected to restart the training session on the evening of the 9th, when Renard will assess the team’s various conditions from both physical and technical levels, including the winger Movali who was injured in the last minute of the last game. Germany.Return to Sohu to see more


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