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Champion strength pays tribute to China’s Gong Lijiao, Sun Yingsha and other Hebei athletes entering Junlebao_stock channel_stockstar

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(Original title: The champion’s strength pays tribute to China’s Gong Lijiao, Sun Yingsha and other Hebei athletes who walked into Junlebao)

Source: Financial World Network

On September 30th, 12 Hebei athletes including Gong Lijiao and Sun Yingsha who made great achievements in Tokyo, and Shaanxi National Games champion Ju Wenxin and other Hebei athletes walked into Junlebao Dairy Group to explore the quality of Junlebao champions. Praise the hometown enterprise. At the same time, in order to pay tribute to the athletes’ hard-working sportsmanship, the 10 million yuan donated by Junlebao through the Hebei Sports Development Foundation in the early stage was also distributed to the hands of Gong Lijiao, Sun Yingsha and other athletes.

On the same day, Junlebao was also awarded the title of “Hebei Province Ice and Snow Sports Promotion and Popularization Demonstration Enterprise”, and officially launched the “Ice and Snow Caravan” project with Hebei Sports Bureau. Around the masses, take practical actions to contribute Junlebao’s strength to Hebei’s construction of a new era of sports province and ice and snow sports province.

Hebei athletes walked into Junlebao and praised the quality of champions

“The advanced equipment and strict management of Junlebao Ranch and the factory are beyond our imagination.” Bao was moved by the pursuit of quality and detail. Wei Lihua, Chairman of Junlebao Dairy Group, introduced that Junlebao is committed to producing world-class good products. For this reason, it has created the world’s first integrated model of the entire industry chain and includes R&D level, farms, factories, partners, and food safety management systems. The internal “five world-class” model ensures the high quality of the products.

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“Seeing such an excellent company in our hometown, we are proud of our hearts. On behalf of the Hebei athletes, I would also like to express our gratitude to Jun Lebao for their encouragement and support.” After the visit, the representative of Gong Lijiao, who won the gold medal in the women’s shot put at the Tokyo stadium The athletes spoke, expressing their high recognition of Junlebao’s product quality and corporate strength, and also expressed their determination to work with Junlebao to help the cause of national health.

The spirit of sports is integrated into the development of the enterprise to help the dairy industry to become a strong country

“Good shot!” Playing table tennis with Sun Yingsha for several rounds, using Yue’s fresh bottle cap to show the fun competition, and Gong Lijiao’s vital capacity, the show of the world champion’s strength pushed the atmosphere of the audience to a climax. The “Junlebao Team” led by Liu Senmiao, vice president of Junlebao Dairy Group and general manager of the milk powder business department, was eager to interact with the athletes. Over the years, Junlebao has attached great importance to the construction of sports culture and integrated the spirit of marathon into its corporate genes. Inspired by the spirit of “conquering oneself and surpassing oneself”, Junlebao milk powder has taken the lead in passing the European BRC (Global Food Safety Standard) A+ top certification and IFS (International Food Standard) priority certification, becoming the first domestic milk powder brand sold in Hong Kong and Macau.

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In recent years, Junlebao has partnered with sports stars such as Guo Jingjing, Yi Jianlian and the Chinese National Diving Team to help upgrade national nutrition with a series of “championship quality” products. Behind the trust of the champion is Junlebao’s persistent pursuit of quality like an athlete for a gold medal. Junlebao is inspired by athletes’ pursuit of excellence and bravely climbing the peak of sportsmanship, anchors world-class standards, provides consumers with more world-class quality dairy products, and helps healthy China.

Enthusiastically support participation in sports and lead the health of the whole people

In August of this year, the athletes with the lofty ambition of “the mission is on their shoulders, the struggle has me”, worked tenaciously in the Tokyo arena, and created the highest number of gold medals and medals in Hebei Province. At the scene, Jun Lebao distributed the 10 million yuan donated by the Hebei Sports Development Foundation to the athletes to reward them for their contributions to winning glory for the people of Hebei and adding luster to Chinese sports.

“Supporting and participating in sports is a long-term work of Junlebao.” said Zhong Yan, vice president of Junlebao Dairy Group. At present, Junlebao has sponsored more than 50 marathons in Shijiazhuang, Hengshui, Qinhuangdao and other places. , Drove the upsurge of national sports to swept Hebei, and helped the sports cause to enter a new level of national participation. Junlebao has also established a public fitness service system belonging to Junlebao through measures such as increasing the supply of all-people fitness facilities, launching nationwide fitness events, and improving the level of scientific fitness guidance services. In September, Junlebao was awarded the title of “National Mass Sports Advanced Unit” and was commended.

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At the event site, Junlebao was awarded the title of “Hebei Province Ice and Snow Sports Promotion and Popularization Demonstration Enterprise”. Junlebao’s “Ice and Snow Caravan” officially started, loaded with land curling, table curling, table ice hockey and other ice and snow equipment. The caravan will be exhibited on a parade in the province, bringing ice and snow culture and sports spirit into street communities and villages and fields, injecting new impetus into the popularization of ice and snow sports, and contributing Junlebao’s strength to the new answer of “Sports Power”.

Zhong Yan said that Junlebao will continue to integrate its support for sports and the pursuit of quality, and provide consumers with more healthy, nutritious and safe dairy products to strengthen the country’s body. At the same time, it will continue to support and participate in sports. Career, help the dream of making the country strong in ice and snow and the dream of making the country strong in the dairy industry come true as soon as possible.

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