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Champions League, Malmo-Juventus 0-3: Juventus show in the first half – Sport – Football

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Alvaro Morata (Ansa)

Malmo, September 14, 2021 – La Champions League it is not the championship: there knows it well Juventus, which partially redeems the disastrous start in A league with a sprint start in the most prestigious continental competition. It was the Malmo, spread by a Juventus trio signed all in the first half: to score Alex Sandro, Dybala from disk e Morata for one 0-3 which responds to the simultaneous success of the Chelsea on Zenit, in addition to moral.

First half

The first real chance of the match arrives at 10 ‘and is of the black and white brand: Morata serves in depth Dybala which, however, came face to face with Diawara, shoot the stars. The hosts reply at 17 ‘with an axis between the two outside players: The mountain cross and fish Rieks, which on the fly from a good position does not find the big target. Overcome the scare there Juventus takes the lead: it’s 22 ‘and a hint from the right of Square is smoothed by Nielsen but not from Alex Sandro, who with a header in a joke dive Ahmedhodzic e The mountain in marking and Diawara between the posts. Guests insist on 27 ‘with Rabiot (shot abundantly out) and a turn of the hands later again with Alex Sandro, which goes away a again The mountain and pulls: this time its diagonal is not accurate. At 33 ‘it is Morata to scare Diawara: the latter on the Spaniard’s lob is saved with an almost desperate exit at the edge of the area. At 38 ‘ Locatelli kicks from distance right after a close exchange with Morata, who is also the protagonist in the 43rd minute earning a penalty which will then be transformed by Dybala. Not only that: in full recovery to drop the trio is the Spaniard, good at capitalizing on a fortuitous clash between Bronson e Nielsen and to score with a valuable scoop.

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Second half

When the game resumes it is always Morata to dominate the scene, but this time, despite the duel won with Nielsen, from his feet nothing good is born, with the ball flying over the crossbar. At 61 ‘always the Spaniard, for a change, committed Diawara: beautiful in particular the entire Juventus action, embellished by the heel of Dybala right towards number 9. At 70 ‘it is the offside flag to save the Malmo, who had suffered another goal: to score the new entry Kean. 85 ‘are the hosts to be seen with the gored Colak, caught from a cross of Olsson: on overturning Nielsen it is providential in the advance on Kean, Searched by Rabiot. The center forward of the National wants to redeem the disaster of Naples but on his way he always finds Diawara: for him and for the whole you more convincing tests will be needed to chase away the crisis, especially in the league.

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