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Champions League, the debut is too easy for Imoco: 3-0 at Zok Ub

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Santarelli leaves all the big names to rest, and gives minutes to Sylla and De Gennaro: victory against the Serbs at Palaverde

VILLORBA. Watching the bench of the panthers, just before the start of the game, made your wrists tremble: Wolosz, Egonu, Sylla, De Kruijf, Folie, Courtney, Caravello enjoyed the show by making, as usual, cheering animation. Their contribution was not really necessary against an opponent of a much lower technical level. The Serbs of Zok Ub showed up at Palaverde without their titular setter Veselinovic. Santarelli prefers to give some respite to those who have played almost without interruption since the beginning of October. On the pitch there is a completely new sextet (perhaps not in training), with two absolute rookies in the Champions League such as Frosini and Plummer.

Only in the first exchanges did the guests try a timid attempt to resist, taking advantage of a wall not always made up of the reigning champions. It doesn’t take much for Antonio Carraro Imoco to take over the reins of the game and the match. Two aces by Butigan and a block by Gennari are worth the first break at 7-3, then it’s a yellow-blue solo with Frosini and Omoruti great protagonists. A run of 10-0 accelerates the closing of the set. The rossoblù guests are very small, even in the face of a team that certainly does not run at full capacity.

In the second set there is room for Sylla instead of Plummer. The Azzurri spiker also returns to the frontline rotations, showing good dynamism, a useful starting point in view of the Club World Cup in less than three weeks. The fluidity of Conegliano’s schemes, while the guests, playing a simple and clean volley, put aside their awe and begin to hit harder in attack. Both teams are growing in reception and attack and the game offers some more excitement. Santarelli waits for 23 all to call a timeout and you have to wait for the third set point with a block from Vuchkova to hear the warm applause of a Palaverde only 30% full.

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The panthers keep the bar high in the third set, immediately accelerating the shots with a very dynamic Sylla, although not yet at its best and a fearless Frosini, who finds a nice deep diagonal that everyone, except her, had given up. Omoruyi finds good continuity in place 4 and in defense, where the usual De Gennaro dominates. There was a game until 9-5, then Conegliano remains in control, without particular worries. The first points to defend the European title are in the safe. The same 3-0 result was brought home by Chemik Police against the Hungarians of Fatum Nyireghyaza, who will be the next European opponents of the yellow and blue, away on 9 December. Meanwhile, on Sunday there is Scandicci and the owners will meet again, well rested.

It was Conegliano’s nineteenth consecutive Champions League victory, which he hasn’t lost since the bitter final in Berlin in 2019 against Igor. The total of the record now rises to 75, but now nobody thinks about it anymore. It remains to achieve the best form step by step. Yesterday’s test was not conclusive, but when the wind blows in Europe the panthers are not joking.

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