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Champions Milan: all the combinations to go to the second round

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The Rossoneri with the victory in Madrid kept the qualification alive. Victory over Liverpool is the first discriminating factor. Then…

From mirage to possibility. From utopia to hope. It seemed impossible that AC Milan could reach the last round of Group B with some ambition to caress the round of 16 again, and yet that’s the way it is. Obviously, it remains a very complicated road, but the possibility exists. Let’s see how.

The situation

The classification of group B is this: 1st Liverpool at 15 points and already qualified, Porto 2nd at 5, Milan and Atletico paired at 4 points. What do the Rossoneri have to do to get second place? First they will have to think about winning against Liverpool and then hope for some combinations. Porto will face Atletico at home and will not have to win, otherwise they will take second place. With a draw in this match, and with Milan’s victory, the Rossoneri would qualify (7 Milan points, 6 Porto and 5 Atletico). The other option concerns the case in which Atletico were to win in Portugal, always obviously at the same time as the Rossoneri’s victory with the Reds. At that point Milan and Atletico would go to 7 points, with the direct clashes tied (1-2 for Atletico at San Siro, 0-1 for Milan at Wanda).

The options

We would then move on to look at the best overall goal difference between the two teams: Milan currently at -2, Atletico at -3. So Devil with a goal advantage that could be very important. If the goal difference should also be equal, then it would be up to the goals scored in all the matches of the group: Milan in front with 5 goals scored, Atletico behind with 4. If this criterion were also to be equal, it would be necessary to look at the goals scored away in all. the group: Milan at 3, Atletico at 2, then again in front of the Rossoneri. In case of further equality, it would be up to see the away victories in the whole group, and here the Colchoneros would be in front: currently 1 to 1, but with the victory against Porto, in Portugal, Atletico would overtake the Rossoneri in this criterion.

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