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Chaos in Formula 1, behind the scenes: “Some teams have again violated the cost ceiling”

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Chaos in Formula 1, behind the scenes: “Some teams have again violated the cost ceiling”

Here We Go Again: New Suspicions About Formula 1, allegations that question the regularity of the championship. After last year Red Bull e Aston Martin not included in the budget for the 2021 season, it seems that some teams have violated the cost ceiling also for the season 2022. On the eve of the Hungarian Grand Prix weekend, the news is reported by both the portal motorsport.com both from Auto, motor and sport. The American portal speaks of three teams involved, according to the German media instead there are two. No specific team has been mentioned in the reports as having exceeded the 150 million dollars. The budget cap was introduced two years ago in an attempt to secure financial stability e the equity in Formula 1.

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For the overspending of 1.8 million in 2021, Red Bull received a fine of 7 million and a reduction in wind tunnel time, a punishment that was deemed not to be severe enough from rival teams. Red Bull insists the wind tunnel penalty given by the FIA’s governing body will be felt before the end of the yearbut so far there have not been significant disadvantages as the Austrian team, led by the champion’s six consecutive wins and eight overall victories Max Verstappenis unbeaten in all 10 races this year.

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The boss of Formula 1 Stefano Sundaysmeanwhile, asked the FIA ​​to impose sports sanctions to any team that has breached the 2022 budget cap. Very clearly“, said Domenicali ad Autosport. “There are three regulations to respect: sporting, technical and financial. Any infractions must be sanctioned with sporting measures. You can’t go in any other direction.” The FIA ​​hopes to complete the first phase of the auditing process for the 2022 season by the end of Julyfollowed by subsequent investigations on teams suspected of violating the limit. According to British broadcasters Sky Sportsthe FIA ​​said recent allegations of overspending are “factual wrong“.

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