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Chaos in the Duomo, no vax procession breaks through the cordon of the police – breaking latest news

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Milan, 25 September 2021 – Il procession of the No vax, departed at 5.50 pm from Piazza Fontana, it broke through the police and carabinieri cordon in via Martini and continued towards piazza Duomo, where the election rally by Giorgia Meloni. The front rows of the protesters have pushed against the deployment of agents in riot gear and they passed after about a minute of confrontation at very close range. Then, the no vaxes stopped at the corner with via Palazzo Reale, blocked by policemen with helmets and shields, a few hundred meters away from Piazza Duomo. The area is guarded by armored vehicles, which have completely closed the road. “Freedom, freedom”, scream the deniers. Initially it was assumed that the procession moved towards Largo Augusto, but suddenly the demonstrators began to chant “Duomo, Duomo”, and then left en masse.

A boy on a moped was surrounded and attacked from a group of no vax in via Case Rotte. In all likelihood, he said something to some of the demonstrators and within seconds he was literally surrounded: someone slapped and punched him on the helmet; others, while taking him badly, have laboriously paved the way for him to get away quickly.

The procession headed in via Matteotti, after having deviated from the path that initially provided via Manzoni. A small group also managed to enter the Gallery, but then the deployment of carabinieri at the entrance on the Piazza Scala side prevented the rest of the participants from invading the living room. The demonstrators then turned in via San Pietro all’Orto, headed for corso Vittorio Emanuele and from there to San Babila. To then return immediately towards the Duomo. It seems that the strategy is to continuously change the route, so as to disorient the deployments of the police and continue to wander through the streets of the center.

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