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Chaos Samp: angry fans and the police guard the locker room area

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Chaos Samp: angry fans and the police guard the locker room area

The police create a security cordon in Corso De Stefanis to avoid problems when players and buses leave.

There is a still image from the live broadcast showing Stankovic – disqualified – leaning over the balustrade of the grandstand, motionless, with his hands in his hair. Too easy to think that the Serbian technician would never have imagined having to race on a ship adrift. With a future, now, which leaves many questions open. Yesterday, at the end of the match, the same scene as the night in Turin, just three days ago: the choruses of the fans furious for the 24th defeat of the calendar year (an absolute record equaled, like Cagliari in 2021), the team with their head bowed, unable to react.

It’s hard to think what these 54-day break in the championship can bring to a team that Dejan Stankovic would like to reset when he brings everyone to retreat in Turkey in December. But if this is the group (only two shots in the mirror in the whole match) and no real buyer is seen on the horizon, it is difficult to understand how Sampdoria can get out of the ford where it has sunk. Six points in 15 games say that in the next 23 matches the Sampdoria should score at least 25 if the saving rate were to remain as low as in the past season.


Stankovic’s goal was to get his men out of the red zone before the World Cup break. Mission failed: because the team is weak, damn weak, and pays (also) certain choices made in the summer, both outgoing – as one would feel the need today to have Candreva and Thorsby – and incoming, with the jewel Winks always remained at the box, recently operated and which could return in the spring. Not only that: the financial situation of the club, known to all, does not allow for important investments for the winter market, unless other sales are made. Otherwise, every new entry in the squad should result in an exit (the first to leave could be Sabiri).

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It is a bitter and sad night that of Marassi, with the angry Dorians roaring outside the stadium. The police are thus forced to create a security cordon in Corso De Stefanis to prevent anyone from approaching the changing room area. Meanwhile, the people of Lecce sing, dance and party until the lights go out in the stands. Now President Lanna’s team will have two weeks off before starting their engines again. And the company, meanwhile, hopes to find someone who really wants to take the helm. An operation, including fresh money and loans with banks already underway, worth two hundred million.

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