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Character-Li Xiaopeng’s late date to complete the national football coach is his life’s highest dream

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Original title: Characters-Li Xiaopeng’s late date for the national football coach is his life’s highest dream

Less than 24 hours after Li Tie, who was accustomed to blowing his hair and directing the game, said goodbye to the national football team, Li Xiaopeng, who was accustomed to speaking “Qingdao Mandarin”, took over the Chinese men’s football team. Compared with the outspoken Li Tie, the 2-year-old Li Xiaopeng seems to be better at dealing with people, but taking over the national football team is tantamount to taking over a hot potato. The next pressure and difficulties Li Xiaopeng will face are not only through humorous conversation and being a person. That can be easily overcome by the Tao. In the world of competitive sports where winners and losers, in addition to maintaining his love and bravery for his career, Li Xiaopeng also needs to show a convincing leadership level and record, an undisturbed temperament and a mature mentality to resist heavy pressure.

On November 29, Li Xiaopeng returned to Wuhan on an early flight. Before that, he had completed one of the most important meetings about his personal coaching career late last week-invited by the relevant person in charge of the sports management department, he came to Beijing to communicate about “taking over the national football”. Although, until then, the final appointment result has not yet come out, but as the main candidate for the national football coach recommended by relevant parties, Li Xiaopeng has a foreboding that he is only a few steps away from the national football coach. Although at this moment we are once again standing at the crossroads of fate on the verge of being out of the world preliminaries, although the less skilled Chinese team may face greater embarrassment and defeat in the future, out of love for the cause and pursuit of lofty goals, Li Xiaopeng Still resolutely decided to take the heavy burden.

For Li Xiaopeng, taking over the Chinese team this time is tantamount to a “late date” on both sides. More than two years ago, when the relevant authorities pushed for the U25 national training team, Li Xiaopeng, then the coach of Shandong Taishan (formerly Luneng) team, was the number one candidate to lead the team. Later, when the Dutch coach Hiddink confirmed that he left the original Olympic team coach in the 1997 age group, Li Xiaopeng was also a popular candidate for his successor, but in the end, for various reasons, Li Xiaopeng failed to take over the team.

If it were not for the “three sap” that led the team to the FA Cup final two years ago, then Li Xiaopeng might get a higher score in the 3 candidate interview session of the Chinese men’s football coach competition held in Beijing on the evening of December 26 of that year.

Regardless of whether Li Xiaopeng is suitable to take over the Chinese team, all parties inside and outside the football circle have different attitudes. Some people also questioned that before taking over the national football team, Li Xiaopeng led the Wuhan team to only achieve 1 win, 8 draws and 5 losses, and the first victory did not come until the first stage of the final game.

But it is undeniable that Li Xiaopeng, like Li Tie, is full of love for football, and can even make huge personal sacrifices for this. Although he failed to lead the Taishan team to a league or cup championship, he was able to win the title of the best coach in the Super League for two consecutive years. Li Xiaopeng has been generally recognized by the industry in terms of business ability and personality. The Taishan team finally won the FA Cup Champions League under the leadership of Hao Wei last season, and this success was partly due to the accumulation of Li Xiaopeng for the team in the early stage.

Of course, although Li Xiaopeng used his efforts to help the national football team enter the World Cup in Korea and Japan and ushered in a high profile in the player era, he may still be “a rookie” on the coaching stage of the national team, especially the men’s national team. 10 years ago, as the head coach of the Chinese women’s football team, he led the team to participate in the London Olympic preliminaries, but unfortunately he was out of the game at home. This has to be said to be an unforgettable bitter experience in his coaching career. However, Li Xiaopeng has always been humble and optimistic, and handled his relationship with all aspects properly, which has won favorable conditions for him to simultaneously improve his business ability in management and coaching positions.

Li Xiaopeng said in a private chat with his familiar friends in the industry that in today’s football, none of the coaches’ jobs is “light-weight”. If one day he can become the head coach of the national team, it will be his great honor as a footballer and also his highest dream.

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