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Chasing the light | Participating in a “paddling” competition on the plateau – Scroll – China Engineering Network

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Chasing the Light: Participating in a “Paddling” Competition on the Plateau

If you want to exercise on the plateau, friends will definitely advise you to do what you can, just “paddle the water”. But what if you take part in a real “paddling” competition on the plateau? From the 20th to the 21st, the 2024 Basongcuo International Rafting Open took place in the Basongcuo National Forest Park, Gongbujiangda County, Tibet. More than 30 teams from home and abroad gathered to compete, including professional athletes and rafting enthusiasts.

In the stunning natural beauty of Basongcuo, with snow-capped mountains, peach blossoms, clear water, and blue skies, contestants didn’t just compete against each other; they also interacted with the unique natural environment of the plateau. Breathing in thin air, maintaining balance in unpredictable currents, and feeling the charm of mountain sports in beautiful scenery were all part of the experience.

One contestant, Cai Jieyun from Shanghai, expressed his excitement about the competition and the location, stating, “It would be great to have a drifting competition here. There are such good tourism resources here. It’s so cool to raft in such beautiful rivers and mountains!”

The team from Chengdu Just Fitness Club shined in the competition, winning all three championships in the event. Team member Liu Jianyu mentioned, “Rafting is an exciting and fun outdoor sport, and with the beautiful scenery of Tibet, it’s double the joy.”

Despite heavy rain on the second day of the competition, the enthusiasm of the players was not dampened. The sky cleared up, revealing the stunning landscape of snow-capped mountains, forests, and lakes.

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Players from around the world, like Albayrak Alpe from Turkey and Cen Nanqin, China’s first women’s single rowing world champion, also took part in the competition. Cen Nanqin shared her love for rafting and the beautiful environment of Basongcuo, expressing her hope for more competitions to promote the sport and drive local economic development.

The unique natural scenery on the plateau combined with the passion for rafting created a vibrant and thrilling atmosphere during the competition. The passion for sports truly bloomed on the plateau during the Basongcuo International Rafting Open.

By: Huang Yuman
Photography: Sun Fei, Jiang Fan
Video: Huang Zhiqi, Pubu Tsering

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