Home Sports Chelsea spurs the first opportunity to reconcile the generals and reconcile them. Davis owns 2-0. Davis own goal

Chelsea spurs the first opportunity to reconcile the generals and reconcile them. Davis owns 2-0. Davis own goal

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Original title: Chelsea pulls the lead and the generals reconcile, and they reconcile, and Davis owns an own goal 2-0

English League Cup Football Game

(Comprehensive report from London on the 6th) Chelsea, who broke out of civil strife in the first leg of the English League Cup semi-final, won 2-0 at Stamford Bridge to win Tottenham Hotspur to gain the upper hand. After the game, the team leader Tuchel and the recent missed shot Lukaku embraced, reached a settlement, and the team refocused on the championship.

Before the game, Tuchel confirmed that the absolute main players Kanter and Thiago Silva tested positive for crown disease. The two got the test results on Wednesday local time and will be isolated. Kanter has been positive once before.

Chelsea took a 2-0 lead in the first half, Haverts opened the scoring in the 5th minute, and Tottenham defender Ben Davis took his own goal in the 34th minute.

Lukaku started and played for 90 minutes. Tuchel said after the game: “Lukaku is very happy and I am pretty sure he has not been affected. His mentality is very positive. He can deal with pressure and adversity and perform well. We have made a lot of defensive contributions and have had opportunities on the offensive end.” ADVERTISEMENT

Tuchel accepts Lukaku’s apology

Earlier, Lukaku said in a private interview that he was unhappy at Chelsea and wanted to return to Inter Milan. These controversial remarks aroused heated discussion from all walks of life, and Chelsea also excluded him from the list of matches against Liverpool as a punishment.

Lukaku has released an apology video the day before yesterday, and Tuchel said he has accepted and will fine Lukaku.

Regarding the tactical formation, Tuchel said: “We played 442 while holding the ball. The current manpower is not enough to support the 5-back system. The team is very focused on the tactical arrangement. We sometimes form a 5-back position when defending. , The whole team is very focused.”

When talking about the rotation lineup, he said: “The players have performed very well. If they don’t play very often, and then suddenly let them play in the key battle of the Cup, it is unfair. We always keep our focus. Players who haven’t played much in the past few weeks also performed well.”

On the other hand, the English Professional Football League official announced that the first round of the League Cup semi-final between Liverpool and Arsenal, originally scheduled for Thursday, was postponed to January 20, and the second round originally scheduled for January 13 was postponed. Arranged for the first round.Return to Sohu to see more


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