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Chelsea’s 3 rounds of invincibility and four suspense upgrade the new boss to witness the draw on the spot – yqqlm

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Chelsea’s 3 rounds of invincibility and four suspense upgrade the new boss to witness the draw on the spot – yqqlm

Original title: Chelsea’s 3 rounds of invincibility and four suspense upgrade the new boss to witness the tie

In the 36th round, Chelsea VS Wolves, the Blues ushered in the first game after the Abramovich era, and the new owner Burley came to Stamford Bridge to watch the game. I thought that Tuchel could lead the team to use a victory as a welcome gift to welcome the new owner, but I never thought that Cody’s headbutt in the countdown stage disrupted all plans. 2-2, Chelsea finally got only one draw. Counting this game, the Blues have been without a victory in the league for 3 consecutive rounds, and the four suspense escalates…

Chelsea’s recent state is very unsatisfactory. They have withdrawn from the Premier League championship team early, and have just completely broken the road to defending the Champions League. Therefore, maintaining the top four in the league and competing for next season’s Champions League seat has become Tuchel’s ultimate goal now. But they are afraid of what will happen, and now on the way to the fourth place, the Blue Army has once again made a big somersault. In this game against Wolves at home, Chelsea scored twice in the first half and were called invalid. Soon after the second half started, Lukaku scored two goals in three minutes. I thought that the Blues would win this time, but I never thought about Trincon and Cody’s goal ended it all.

In the 79th minute, Kovacic made a mistake with the ball. Ziquinho stole the ball on the right side of the frontcourt and then made a cross. Trincon got the ball on the right side of the outside and cut inwards and came to the right side of the penalty area arc and then bombarded with his left foot. The goal was successful, Wolves pulled a goal back, 1-2! In the last minute of stoppage time, Ziquinho made a pass from the right to the penalty area, and Cody followed up with a header into the net. The Wolves were tied, 2-2! In fact, Chelsea’s campaign is only one step away from 3 points! Presumably the new owner Burley even began to plan how to celebrate after the game and record this beautiful and memorable day. But the day did not go as expected, and the Blue Army generals failed to dedicate a victory to the new owner as a welcome gift. Burleigh unfortunately encountered the “black door” after entering the Blue Bridge.

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It would not be an exaggeration to say that Chelsea’s recent record has plummeted. Before being tied by Wolves in this round, they first drew 1-1 in the dialogue with Manchester United, and then “sent warmth” to Lampard, losing 0-1 to the relegation team coached by the magic lamp Everton. In other words, Chelsea have failed to win the Premier League for 3 consecutive rounds! It should be pointed out that starting from the 2-4 loss to Arsenal, the Blues have only won 1 game in the past 5 rounds, and the remaining 3 games, 2 draws and 2 losses, have lost a full 10 points! It is no exaggeration to say that this is a disaster for Chelsea, who are striving for fourth place!

Before this round of the match, Chelsea ranked third in the standings with 19 wins, 9 draws and 6 losses in 34 games, with 66 points, followed by Arsenal with 20 wins, 3 draws and 11 losses in 34 games with 63 points, and Tottenham with 19 wins and 4 draws in 34 games. 11 negative product 61 points ranked fifth. According to the schedule, Arsenal’s opponent in this round is Leeds United, while Tottenham has a dialogue with Liverpool. Although Tottenham eventually lost, Chelsea, after being tied by Wolves, had only a 6-point lead over White Hart Lane. It can be seen that the Blue Army will officially join the four major armies next!

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